Common dangers and diseases in Hajj

The President of the Red Crescent Society, on the sidelines of the educational conference for the heads of the medical centers of the Red Crescent Society in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, explained the most important risks in the Hajj ceremonies and said: Our first task is to serve the pilgrims. .

According to the informants, Referring to the good planning of the medical staff during the Hajj ceremonies, Dr. Pir Hossein Kollivand said: Several issues must be paid attention to, usually weather change, population density, lifestyle change, age of the pilgrim, and fatigue are serious factors. in Hajj ceremonies.

Collivand explained that the most common disease in Hajj ceremonies is respiratory diseases, and added: In all periods, the most common patients are people with respiratory diseases, which are manifested in various forms of colds, influenza and corona.

The head of the Red Crescent Society added: Another danger is the lack of timely medicine for pilgrims with chronic diseases. Not taking medicine on time causes other diseases in patients with diabetes, kidney disease, heart and blood vessels, so it is better to play the role of companion and family members as treatment staff.

He said: Digestive system problems arise with a change in lifestyle and food, heatstroke, various traumas and accidents in escalators and the use of bathtubs and toilets are among the other dangers that exist, and detailed training must be given to clerics and Hajj caravan managers.

And Collivand advised: make healthy visits to hotels, and diligently distribute foodstuffs in meals to prevent disease.

He continued: I ask the medical staff to share their ideas with the Hajj and Hajj Medical Center so that it can be diagnosed for the coming years.

Collivand added: Our first mission is to serve the pilgrims and we should be proud of that.

He said: It is necessary to prepare comprehensive and complete guides for treatment and drug prescriptions.

According to Hilal Amar Association’s information base, Kollivand further advised that all medical staff should work together to organize the best medical treatment pilgrimage ceremony.

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