Public health tariffs and their growth rate approved in 1401

The generalities of the health tariff and its growth rate in 1401 were reviewed and approved in the Cabinet session held this afternoon, Sunday, headed by the President of the Republic.

According to the informants, the Council of Ministers in its meeting today, citing Paragraph (A) of the Law of Permanent Provisions (9) for development programs in the state and organizing the program and budget, and the tariffs and public health amounts approved by the Ministry in 1396. The Ministry of Health, Medical Education and Government in 1401.

Submit the report of the government transfer document to the Council of Ministers

Following today’s cabinet meeting, the follow-up to the government transformation record was reviewed with regard to the report and the document referred from the strategic headquarters of the ministry.

The document of changing the government according to the lists of the Supreme Leader in the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the document of the vision of the Islamic Republic of Iran on the horizon of 1404, the general policies of the regime and the imam’s dependence on Khomeini and its benefit. It was written in accordance with the Declaration of the Second Phase of the Revolution and in implementation of Article 134 of the Constitution, the planning and policy formulation of the government and the procedures of the executive authority, ministers and executive institutions were prepared. collected as a basis. .
The four main pillars of the register are justice-centered, people-centered, knowledge-centered, and family-centered.
Other key areas in the government’s transformation record include how national welfare issues are identified, Islamic and Iranian lifestyles are promoted, and the country is prioritized.

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