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An outstanding hyperrealist painter has died

Swiss artist Franz Gersch, master of hyper-realism, has died.

According to the Washington Post, Franz Gertsch, the Swiss artist known as one of the leading figures in hyperrealistic painting, has died at the age of 92.

The director of the Franz Gersh Museum, which houses a large collection of the artist’s works, confirmed the death of the artist. The cause of death of this artist has not been announced yet.

Gresh has worked for more than five decades in the field of painting and printmaking to reproduce images in large dimensions. The dimensions of the “Jerish” slabs sometimes reach three to five meters. The artist’s artwork depicts the subjects in amazing detail and sometimes takes over a year to complete.

His artwork has been exhibited all over the world, and one of his artworks titled Luciano 2, which depicts his artist friend Luciano Castelli, sold for $3 million in 2017.

Gersh is considered one of the main painters of the photorealistic movement. While other famous artists of this style mostly painted street scenes, Gersh was the first to call attention to representations of Swiss culture.

Franz Gersh was born in March 1930 in Switzerland as the only child of this couple. He learned drawing skills at a school run by abstract Impressionist painters, and as an adult traveled to Paris, Scotland and Italy to study different styles of the visual arts.

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