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Pictures of a wedding on the radio, in the presence of radio officials

The ceremony of the “Good Wedding” program was held in the official marriage ceremony of the young couple, in the presence of the Vice President of SED and a group of radio directors in the Sida Sima organization.

According to the informants, quoted by the PR of Radio Saba, the special program “Ursi Khoban” on the occasion of the wedding anniversary of Hazrat Ali (PBUH) and Hazrat Fatimah Zahra (PBUH) in the presence of Ali Bekshizadeh – Vice President. Kalanki Broadcasting Corporation – Director of the Center for the Health of Broadcasting and the Proof of Islam and Muslims Abu Al-Maali, Secretary of the Council for Good and Prohibition of the Broadcasting Corporation Hamid Reza Eftekhari – Director of the Saba Radio Network Hamid Rostami – Director of Martyrs Affairs in the organization, and a group of deputy directors of the radio.

This special was broadcast in the Jam Jam open space, on the east side of the glass building, at Yaman Shuhada Place, in the presence of the bride and groom’s family and television and radio colleagues.

A live traditional musical performance on the theme of love and life by Faryad Kashoum directed by Payam Karimi, playing pop songs and folk songs by young singers Ali Nafri and Mustafa Jalali, comedy show, reading humorous poetry on the theme of marriage, expressing courtship customs in different cities and performing stand-up comedy “One of the different and attractive parts of this programme.

Pictures of a wedding on the radio, in the presence of radio officials

Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslim Abu al-Maali, Secretary of the Council for the Prohibition of Good and Prohibition of Evil, spoke at the beginning of the program about the importance of marriage in personal and social life and recommended easy and simple marriage. to the public.
Hujjat al-Salam and Muslims Abu al-Maali mentioned, do not worry about the economic costs of marriage, God has a special account for marriage and forgives from his money.
The Secretary of the Council of Prosperity and the Prevention of Evil at the Broadcasting Corporation considered commitment, simplicity, affection, love and spirituality as factors for the stability of young marriage.
After reciting the marriage sermon of the young Kashani couple, the ceremony continued with the presentation of gifts by the Vice President of Audio, Secretary of the Council of Good and the Prohibition of Evil, Saba Radio Network.

On the sidelines of this ceremony, Bekshizadeh pointed out the need to develop programs on the topic of the population crisis, and stated that making programs centered around the family and the ease of marriage and having children is on the agenda of all radio networks.

It should be noted that the special program “Arousi Khoban” was broadcasted in video form from the Saba Radio website and the IranSada application.

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