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Elites are the social leaders of the country / Gulzar Shehadeh is the basis of spiritual development

Informants / Lorestan The head of the Martyrs and Martyrs Affairs Foundation described the elites as the country’s social leaders.

Amir Hossein Ghazizadeh Hashemi said in a meeting with the elites of the martyr in Lorestan and self-immolation organizations on the first of Khordad: Governments alone cannot bring about fundamental, fundamental and lasting changes, and it is necessary to preserve and maintain government thinking. The presence of elites.

He continued: At the forefront of this path are the elites who sacrifice themselves because they dedicated their lives to the Islamic Revolution and prioritized the development of the country.

And this official added: We are an independent, popular and honorable country, and the enemies always impose an all-out war on us without time and with different dimensions: In the past, this war was on a clearly defined front, but now this front. It has become different and requires increased vigilance.

Gazizadeh Hashemi considered the elites the driving force of society and reminded: Thousands of billions of tomans have been paid from job creation facilities so far, but the unemployment situation is still troublesome.

Pointing out that elites can create sustainable jobs by guiding people and targeting facilities, he said: Cultural elites must take the field and we will also provide the necessary cultural measures for active personalities.

The vice president and head of the Martyrs and Martyrs Affairs Foundation continued his speech and said: The martyrs have a high status, and we must try to put the martyr Bazuhi, the martyr Bazini, and the martyr Makhouri on the agenda in every school, neighborhood, mosque, and this. One of the priorities of the programs of the Martyr Foundation and Martyrs Affairs.

Ghazizadeh Hashemi Golzar Shahada was described as the foundation of spiritual development, and its organization in each city is particularly on the agenda of the Shahid Foundation.

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