Beiranvand in the Legion team returning from Persepolis?

For the second time in recent months, Alireza Beiranvand implicitly expressed his desire to return to Persepolis.

Detectives are written and cited The third exerciseYesterday, Alireza Biranvand, who now belongs to an active Twitter user, posted a picture of him denying any quarrel with Yahya Gul Mohammadi. The tweet was published after Bervand described his presence in Persepolis as dismissing Yahya Gul Muhammad.

This was not the first time that Beervand responded to the news of his move to Persepolis. A few months ago, when Varzech Seeh wrote in an analysis regarding the goalkeeper’s rivalry with Nyazymond and Abedzadeh for the national team, Beiranvand wants a year ahead of the world, perhaps because both are legionnaires. Cup to spend outside Iran. An acute and negative reaction analysis of Beiranvand.

However, after his appearances in Antwerp and Puesta, the former Persepolis first team goalkeeper did not achieve the desired goals in European football, and rumors circulated of his return to Persepolis. Especially in this season when the white team had problems with the goal line and the outside player always kept himself as a substitute.

Of course, he is not the first person to return to Persepolis after a short or long stay abroad. The Reds have had two full squads in previous years and, after a successful or unsuccessful run, have responded positively to a comeback offer, and Branvand could be the next. The goalkeeper who will be the first goalkeeper for the Red Team comeback team.

Branvand in the squad return Persepolis?

Beiranvand in the team of Yaran De and Karimi?

It is a team of players who have returned to Persepolis in recent years and also has four stars who joined the Bundesliga after a few years. This team enters the field with a 3-5-2 system and all of its players have a history of winning the league with Persepolis. Another common factor is that 8 players from this team have a history of participating in the Qatari league.

Gate line

The first-team goalkeeper of course has not returned to Persepolis yet, but it has become an excuse for the returning Persepolis captains to join the two teams. Branvand played for Persepolis from 16 to the end of League 19 and became the most famous goalkeeper in Persepolis history with four titles in the Premier League, the Asian Final and the FA Cup.

line of defense

Interestingly, all three players on this team are currently members of the Persepolis squad and are working towards their sixth consecutive championship. Vahid Amiri and Saeed Jalal Hosseini returned to the team after a year abroad, but Ramin Rezaian missed Persepolis for 5 years after leaving the Broncos, during which time he played in the Belgian and Qatari leagues. Meanwhile, Vahid Amiri put on the Trabzonspor shirt and returned to Persepolis with another year left on his contract.

the middle

He can be called one of the best midfielders in the history of Persepolis who have never played together before. Karim Bagheri, who returned to Persepolis after five years playing with Armenia Bielefeld, Al Nasr and Charlton, is the captain of the midfield and sees Mehdi Mahdavik on the right. Mahdavik played in the Bundesliga for nearly two decades, but after returning to Iran he enjoyed Damash and Steele Agen and then went to Persepolis.

Ali Karimi returned to Persepolis twice as a member of the Legion. Once he moved from Bayern Munich to the Qatari league and then to Persepolis, and immediately joined the white team at the end of his contract with Schalke. Meanwhile, Mehdi Turabi and Soroush Rafi had a common destination and joined the Qatar Stars League from Persepolis and then played in Persepolis.

offensive line

Ali De and Mehdi Tarimi are the most likely imaginary couple in Persepolis. Daei joined Al Sadd from Persepolis and played in the German League for 5 years, and at the end of a season he played with Al Shabab in the United Arab Emirates, and from there he came to Persepolis and won the Premier League. Gilzen.

But Mehdi Tarmi’s story was different. After the end of the 15th League, he signed a contract with Ramin Rezaian with the Turkish national team, but regretted it shortly after returning to Persepolis. Goal’s throw became 16th in the league, but the illegal termination of his contract with Rize Asport resulted in him being suspended for four months and closing the Persepolis window for a year.

Branvand in the squad return Persepolis?

The Sixties and a Few Other Stars

Contrary to popular belief among many Persepolis fans, many players who worked in the 1980s for economic conditions and perhaps better football left Persepolis, joined European teams or the Persian Gulf, and soon returned to Persepolis. Together with many other players, they make up the second division of the returning legions of Persepolis.

Gate line

Although Neama Nkesa played abroad for some time, she did not return to Persepolis after the end of camp so that Alireza Hakigi would be the first candidate to join the team. Robben joined Kazan five years later at Persepolis and played on loan for the white shirt and made two appearances. He later played for five other European teams, and then, when rumors spread about his presence at Persepolis, he joined the textile industry and later Jules Johar.

line of defense

Hussein Kobe is the special face of this team. Kobe joined Persepolis in the sixth league and was expected to play for the team in the 86-87 season, announcing his move to English football and Leicester City. He played for Leicester in the English Championship, but returned to Persepolis after half a season and played for Afshin Qotbi. Kobe played an important role in winning the seventh league in Persepolis.

The heart of this team’s defense are Mohamed Benjali and Afshin Perfani. A follower stayed in Qatar for only six months, moving to the country in October 1975 and returning in April 1976. Mohamed Benjali also played two seasons in Al Ittihad, which is now renamed Al Gharafa. Reza Shahroudi joined Altisport from Persepolis and then played in Dalian, China, and finally played for the Whites for two years.

the middle

The three-man midfielder for this team includes Hamid Derakhshan, Alireza Emamifar and Mehrdad Minavand. Minavand played another four years in Europe, during which time he played in the Austrian Champions League at Stormogratz, Austria, where Minavand played against Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Hamid Derakhshan also has an interesting case. After leaving Persepolis, he played in Qatar for five years and then returned to the team. Then they decided to separate again and this time they went to the dam and after a year of existence, they decided to return to Persepolis. Imamifar, like Menavand, was in Charleroi. It is worth noting that Dercyon and Emamifar were present in the 14th league as coach and coach of Persepolis.

offensive line

Farshad Pius on the eve of the team’s offensive line; And Al-Ahly joined briefly with Qatar to join Bayad Al-Capital, a player who has possessed 173 golden shoes in the entire history of Persepolis and 11 years of playing in Persepolis.

In the sixties, the best star of the Persepolis team, Nasser Mohammadkhani, became the right wing of the offensive line. He played for Qatar for three years between 10 years in a red shirt. Even Javad Kazemian is the left winger for this team. Al Shabab was a player who joined the team after his brilliance at Persepolis and later played for Al Shabab, Ajman and the Emirates. After leaving the UAE league, he played one season in Sepahan and then joined Persepolis FC.

In a fantasy match, which team do you think wins the game and defeats the opponent? Who is your favorite star between these two teams?

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