The danger to the “strange” project

The most important characteristic of Borujerdi, regardless of his military leadership, was his ability to attract and influence friends and enemies. Promises to make a project about this important warlord took a long time to materialize. Although many news has been officially published on this topic for years, no movie or series has ever been made. In such a case, the film “Greeb” is supposed to depict the pillars of the life of this important leader in the age of sacred defense that can be seen from the news. The official news of this project stated: The script is based on various documentary and research sources, including the book “Muhammad”. “Christ of Kurdistan” was written by Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh and other newly discovered documents.

That is, the creators of the movie “Alien” have sources and documents obtained from different channels. It is not surprising that sources are not mentioned, but based on this news, among the written works on the martyr Boroujerdi, it seems that the book of Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh attracted the most attention.

Now this important question arises: Is “Muhammad” the Messiah of Kurdistan a comprehensive source for an important and strategic project? Why did the authors of “Ajeeb” ignore the other existing books? Part of the personality of the martyr Boroujerdi and his internal cases?

Ironically, Mahmoudzadeh’s book has nothing to do with the film’s purpose as stated in the official news. In this news, there is a clear text: The movie “Gharib” is not a picture of this martyr, but it deals with his leadership period in the western region before the start of the imposed war and the sacred defense. Martyr Borujerdi is a picture of his internal conditions, lifestyle and leadership, a quick look at his life and his efforts to create unity in the west of the country. But the mentioned book is very clear in expressing these things, based on rumors of people who were close to Martyr Boroujerdi and mentioned these issues in different circles. Among them are some of the army soldiers and even the army commander during the Holy Defense period are notable.

We do not know to what extent the directors used the book “Muhammad”. Kurdistan Christ “was used, but the work was not without criticism, for example, Alireza Qamarei, writer and critic of the book said: This book is unforgettable and very beautiful in terms of narration for those who are relatives or friends. Martyr Boroujerdi But today’s youth are impatient To read this book.

(Basij News Agency / May 3, 2015).

Obviously, a movie based on this book might have this flaw as well.

Another subtle point made by Camaraya is: “There should have been some interest in writing in this book. Unfortunately, the problem with many writers of the First War is that they lived with the stories of that time, they thought others would understand that too.” things, so this book requires this knowledge in some parts.

(Basij News Agency / May 3, 2015).

When this critique is offered in film form for a limited time, the fact that Oj’s body has entered the field with all his might can be the acting’s Achilles’ heel.

The obvious conclusion that can be drawn from such criticism is this: If The Stranger builds its novel on a book that has only been quoted, it risks losing a wide audience. In contrast to cinema and television, in the field of written works, we see many and varied books on Martyr Borujerdi. Why is it being ignored and Nusratullah Mahmudzadeh’s book is the only work written on the film’s origins? Is this incident the result of the circumstances presented by the author, who was able to present his book to the martyr Boroujerdi as a unique reference?! Other related works written in this field have not been published for reasons unknown or for the author’s private rent.

Regardless of the quality of these books, the benefit from the movie “Stranger” has an important consequence, which is to avoid a one-dimensional perspective based on the book “Muhammad”. Christ is Kurdistan. Regarding the author’s effort and effort, he himself was not one of Muhammed Boroujardi’s companions and speakers, and what he writes, regardless of the criticisms leveled at his writings, is the result of his own view of the subject. .

Among the remaining works, “Ghariba Gharb” by Abbas Ramzani, a famous book about the martyr Boroujerdi, the author was able to very well convey the inner state of the martyr. The same point that the makers of the movie “Strange” claimed. This book, consisting of 111 pages, narrates the internal revolution of Mohamed Boroujerdi before the revolution very quickly and presents a clear picture of his vision of the world after the revolution, especially during the period of leadership of the western part of the country. “The Stranger of the West” has eloquent prose and takes the reader with it to the end, and finally, without exaggeration or eloquence, expresses the meaning of Muhammad Borujerdi’s naming of the Messiah of Kurdistan.

Hussain Behzad, in the book “Barak Hamadaran Khurshid”, dealt with the pillars of the lives of the martyrs Mohsen Fazai, Hussain Kizai and Muhammad Borujerdi. “Armed Christ of Kurdistan” is the title of the first part of this book, which is a brief but useful description of the biography of this martyr and the full description of the character and life of this commander in chief.

“Always the Same Smile” by Farhad Khazri, who won the Year of the Holy Defense Book Award in 1993, contains stories about the life and courage of Muhammad Boroujerdi, and with this work he was able to draw it from his eyes. . Others including relatives, family and other soldiers.

“Always Phoenix” written by Hossein Masjedi is another work written about Martyr Boroujerdi and tells his life in the form of a story. Although this book is brief, John Kalam expresses the importance of Mohamed Boroujerdi more than hundreds of pages.

The film “Prince of the Land of Hearts” written by Bijan Kavkhazizadeh was compiled based on the memories of Boroujerdi’s friends and associates, and from this point of view, presenting his way of life to the audience is an important work. In a series of books called “Remembrance,” one of which is dedicated to Martyr Boroujerdi, Abbas Ramzani did the same and depicts Martyr Boroujerdi’s private and internal moments. What today’s generation needs.

Many books have been written for children and teens. Including “Shaheed Boroujerdi” by Ibrahim Hassan Bigi and “Take Asman” by Hussein Fathi.

These references mean that the authors of “Gharib” have sufficient and varied written sources at their disposal to be satisfied with “Muhammad”. “Kurdistan Christ” is a major national project that tarnishes its credibility. This is in contrast to the books and detailed documents that documentary filmmakers and agents of oral memories of the Iranian army and Revolutionary Guard worked on during that period.

In this vast space, there are no reference works. It is clear that the director ultimately creates his own intellectual world by studying all this and accompanying the audience with him. But focusing on one work and ignoring the other written works deprives you of a comprehensive and complete view.

We feel strongly that after more than a decade, the spell of not depicting the biography of the martyr Muhammad Borujerdi has been shattered and the winds of happiness are blowing from the good deeds remaining on the earth until now. According to the works and other documents, the director must do his best.


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