Building specialized capacities for the training and intervention of volunteers assisting in crises

The head of the volunteer organization of the Red Crescent Society announced the readiness of volunteer workers from this category to come and intervene during disasters and crises, from additional training and building specialized capacities for this organization to provide social services in crises according to those affected. groups and increase their access to social services.information by his organization.

According to the informants, In this regard, Waheed Salimi added: Based on the tasks of the voluntary organization in the constitution of the Red Crescent Society, the provision of health, rehabilitation and social work in case of crisis has a special place, and attention is paid to the interventional role of volunteer workers. In crises, as well as preventive and community services, and others that are not considered a marginal part in the field of Red Crescent services.

Pointing out that nursing is a specialized profession, he said: Given the necessity and urgent need to review this field and produce knowledge, and exchange experiences and new achievements of the Red Crescent Society in this profession, written training courses are provided by this organization, and they are provided to the assistant volunteers so that they can benefit from their opinions in The field of social policies while providing their strong presence, whether in crises or in preventive services, to volunteer in the Red Crescent community.

The head of the volunteer organization said: At present, two thousand trained and specialized volunteer workers in the Red Crescent Society have created a sustainable capacity to provide services in three areas: social, prevention and crisis across the country.

Salimi explained: If these forces are trained in every province, they can intervene in crises because they know the local and local culture and capabilities and can help in communication. Besides, they would not charge the cost of sending troops to crisis areas.

According to the PR report of the Red Crescent Society Volunteers Organization, in the celebration of the International and National Day of Social Work held at the Iranian University of Medical Sciences, selected workers from the Red Crescent Society Volunteers Organization were selected for their effectiveness in reducing social harm. Her role in health care services is very important and complementary to the therapeutic work, and she was awarded a certificate of appreciation.

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