A comprehensive guide to logging complaints from FATA Police’s Telegram channels

In today’s society, social networks and messengers have become an integral part of people’s lives. With the expansion and popularity of these spaces, the number of criminal activities has also increased.

Telegram messenger is one of the popular programs among Iranians, which has not lost its active users even after liquidation. Gradually, this messenger has become a suitable platform for scammers and various computer crimes.

Meanwhile, the number of complaints registered on Telegram channels and computer crimes on this social network has increased. The concern of most people is not knowing how to register a complaint via Telegram channels and refer to the FATA Police. You can obtain the necessary information and knowledge in this field by reading the Complaint Registration Guide and referring to the Whistleblowers website.

Different types of online scams through Telegram messenger

As the number of active Telegram users has increased, the statistics and various extortion methods have also expanded. Although the well-thought-out security systems of this network are very strong, scammers and anonymous people continue to blackmail and steal other people by leaking personal information, fake channels, and bots.

Of course, the Telegram network has developed superficial methods in dealing with various crimes, but these methods sometimes do not meet the needs of complainants. Until now, no specific address has been used for criminals and lightning crimes, and these crimes are considered to be under the category of computer crime.

Online scams through Telegram can be implemented in different ways. Among these crimes are the following:

  • Computer defamation crime
  • Producing and publishing vulgar content
  • Encouraging false teachings
  • Phishing attacks
  • Do not send purchased goods or send counterfeit goods
  • Abuse of brand reputation
  • The crime of spreading computer lies

How do you complain about Telegram channels?

There are different ways to file a complaint against Telegram scammers and beneficiaries. The first step in filing your complaint is proving the crime and gathering evidence. Digital documents such as deposit slips, seller account number, proof of counterfeit goods, seller conversations and false teaching messages can play an important role in proving the crime. If you do not have any information about the offender, you can also file a complaint. In the next step you can consult the best lawyer in the scene who specializes in computer crime regarding the circumstances and the crime and ascertain the best solution or strategy for filing a complaint.

How to file a complaint with the tribal areas police

As you know, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police is the body in charge of handling cybercrime and disputes. To have your complaint registered and pursued by FATA, you must first go to the Computer Crime Prosecutor’s Office. After going to this court, file a case for the crime by submitting available documents and evidence. In this case, your case will be reviewed and processed according to the legal process.

Keep in mind that these cases have been referred to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police on the basis of sensitivity and further investigation. Sometimes the suspects are known to have committed the crime and after the necessary investigations and the presence of the necessary documents, the accused is summoned to the court. But sometimes the complainant does not have information about the suspect; Therefore, the case was referred to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police for further investigation.

After visiting the Federal Tribal Police website, visit the PR section through the panel on the left side of the website. Next, in the Offending Websites Registration section, go to Report the crime that occurred.

Submit complaints and report on Telegram channels without referring to the Tribal Areas Police

Another way to report offending channels on Telegram is to refer these cases to Telegram itself. Telegram Messenger uses a powerful system to detect and destroy malicious Telegram channels. But keep in mind that the scope of its activities is limited and it resumes the review and investigation process according to the number of reports registered. Channels promoting any form of violence and swear words are the prime suspects on Telegram. By reporting on such channels, you can play an active role in reducing the spread of harmful content.

The duration of follow-up of the complaint submitted to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police

Given the high volume of complaints registered with the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police dealing with telegraph crimes, it is difficult to estimate how long they have been pursued. The duration of treatment for these cases depends on various factors. If the sensitivity of the recorded case is higher, it will be given priority. But keep in mind that the process of finding and collecting your documents also takes time. If you are looking for detailed information and estimated duration for different cases; You can visit the whistleblowers website.

Cost of complaining on Telegram channels

The primary concern of plaintiffs when filing a complaint is cost. The cost of the procedures includes various stages such as the stage of filing a complaint, fees of lawyers and experts, issuing a decision, and so on. These costs vary according to the type of complaint registered and are calculated based on the tariff set by the PBO. But in general, the cost of investigating and filing criminal complaints is not high.

Is it possible to complain about the deletion of accounts in Telegram?

According to the available information and files, it can be said that FATA Police has the ability to play and check traces of deleted Telegram accounts. All activities and actions that take place in the virtual space leave traces. In the event of a complaint about account deletion, the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police can obtain traces of such activity through extensive investigations. If the person just logs out of their account or deletes the Telegram app from their mobile phone; FATA Police can identify and arrest the perpetrator through the necessary investigations. But if that person’s Telegram account is deleted; It becomes more difficult to track and arrest him. In this case, the information and conversations in that account are lost and cannot be recovered. But the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police can continue its activities using the remaining traces of information.

Submit a telegraphic complaint to the Federally Administered Tribal Areas Police

Thanks to the technological development and the Internet, most of the administrative work can be done through the Internet and reliable websites. If you encounter any violation in a virtual space like Telegram, you can refer to the computer crime courts and file a complaint against the Telegram channels. In case of any confusion or lack of knowledge you can refer to the informants website.

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