The need to allocate funds in proportion to the expansion of cities

The governor of Tehran said: The allocation of funds should be announced in proportion to the vitality or enjoyment of cities.

According to the informantsMohsen Mansouri said at a meeting of the Planning and Development Council in Tehran Province: “With the president’s visit, given the importance of treatment plants and the problem of the water supply and sewage network in Tehran, central and desirable funds have been allocated for this purpose.” Implement these plans as soon as possible.

He added: The allocation of national and regional funds to approach social justice indicators should be announced at the governorate level and according to how much each district has or does not own.

The governor of Tehran stressed: People should not delay their implementation plans or face many problems in implementing a plan that disrupts their lives.

Referring to the Supreme Leader’s focus on empowering job seekers, Al-Mansoori said: “A key issue in job creation is to complete the training and empowerment cycle, debt repayment and financial aid is next, and in this case, credit sharing that drives ‘creates wealth’.”

According to the informants, on the other side of the meeting, Alaeddin Azouji – Head of Administration and Planning in Tehran Province – said: The Executive Committee of the Planning and Development Council of Tehran Province was formed, and in the process, development issues were formed. Established. The set provided by the board.

In the end, he said: The development of Mallard City, the problems and difficulties of Pardis Technology Park and the proposal to publish the shares of the Tehran Management and Planning Organization from Note 18 were discussed at this meeting.

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