But the ifs of the inner messengers

And the Khorasanis have a proverb that says: “If you pull the spoon, it pours out the curd, and the world licks.” Jeal means a great deal of pottery, and in this proverb, the licking pot is unusable in a normal, healthy environment and can only be made use of in chaotic conditions. Of course, art is necessary to take advantage of the hardships and problems of people’s situations and the opportunity that appears in the chaos, for example, although it does not have an internal messenger, the Mahbaran News Agency on the Internet also agreed to develop. Support what they did not do, support and costs of unknown amount, source of supply or its customer, but according to news agencies, it amounts to thousands of billions of tomans. Suffice it to recall that 2500 billion tomans were spent on one of them, and it is interesting that some deputies did not fail to support and mention the campaign, despite their skepticism about the campaign. An actor instead of the CEO of his production company made a strange promise to people that the bandwidth of Messenger is three times that of Starlink via satellite!!

But Taghri, which has been broken these days and has been broken many times before, was not interested in the messages of the local media, because the statistics of ISPA in June last year showed that among the local messengers, according to Rubica, only 5.7% were ETA. . Only 4.6%, Soroush Plus only 3.6%, yes only 2.2%, iGap only 1.8% and only 0.8% in users over 18 years old, but WhatsApp is the most used messenger in the country with 71.1%, followed by Instagram with it’s 49.4 percent. and Telegram 31.6%. In other words, even if we think it’s impossible to accept all the internal messengers together and at all the costs and advertisements that are made for them – don’t engage their audience – a third of WhatsApp is added to the filter list these days. They do not! For a long time, government agencies were limited to using only internal messengers, and sometimes couriers would offer support packages to the masses.

Just making promises and cursing does not work!

The problem with internal messengers is not their quality or features. The officials themselves have noticed this problem. That’s why sometimes he comes and talks about people’s main concern, “people’s mistrust of the security of their information”. Undoubtedly, people do not like that every person within this country has access to their conversations at any cost, they prefer to access the rest of their phone information with the help of Messenger. This concern is poorly understood, but Messenger’s performance has shown that this concern is unfounded. Perhaps for this purpose, the Minister of Communications recently asked people to reassure people that their personal information is protected in internal messengers and stressed: Regulatory organizations are not even allowed to access data and these organizations are ordered by a judge. Special, which is determined directly by the head of the department, and in special cases, access is provided with the permission of the head of the department. Of course, it seems to mean regulatory and security institutions. But how does Mr. Minister ensure that organizations that sometimes act illegally must follow the law.

There is also no strict limit in the definition of crimes that allows judges appointed directly by the chief justice to receive information approved by the head of the judiciary and determined by judicial authorities across the country. There is no definition of the legal requirements mentioned above.

Article 3 of this regulation states that private communications of persons in internal messengers are subject to Article 25 of the constitution and any unlawful interception of private communications of internal messengers by any natural or legal person is a violation and is punishable by law. In Articles 5, 6 and 7, the responsibility for protecting users’ information rests with the administrator of the social messenger, and it is stated that information about individuals cannot be collected, processed, disclosed or published without the user’s consent. Legal requirements”. Or make it available to others and they are obligated to prevent access to this information using appropriate protection and security measures. But the important thing is that in the circumstances provided by the regulations “legal conditions”, access to users’ information is possible by court order.

In addition, one of the indications of these conditions is the national security address, the limits and examples of which are not specified by law. To put it simply, as long as he does not offend or spread rumors based on Article 27 of the Constitution, and does not advocate or provoke action against his regime, which is beyond discussion, criticism and comment. . Is it an example of a national security threat or not?

In addition, it is impossible to understand how a government that took power with so many promises could guarantee the implementation of such promises, and even today people are walking in the direction of hope. You might remember that last year, in the midst of a discussion of the so-called protection of cyberspace, representatives of Rafsanjan, Anar in the Majlis and Jalali, the secretary of the Cultural Committee of the Islamic Council, made promises. There are no channels, sites, and messengers in the defense plan of cyberspace. The internal and external are not filtered and no transaction is blocked or closed. At the time of Mr. Jalali’s speech, while Telegram was liquidated, both WhatsApp and Instagram were liquidated these days. People have often heard such promises.

Law instead of promises and oaths

Although many people have recently become victims of scams, phishing, fraud or data theft, no sane person would say that cyberspace should remain so empty that it becomes a hub for all kinds of cybercrime or a coordination center for organized crime. It has grown wonderfully. Also, a document was released in the US showing that two messengers, WhatsApp and E-Message, provide more information the FBI needs. Of course, only the FBI can review messages on these platforms by order. Of course, in America, some messengers such as Telegram, Signal, Viber and WeChat have not submitted any user information content to the FBI.

It is true that by removing foreign media messages, people are forced to use local messengers, but this fate does not improve the credibility of media messages, but this coercion damages the social capital of the system. Therefore, if there is an inevitable monopoly, it seems that steps must be taken to build trust:

  • Examples of so-called ‘legal requirements’ should be specified more precisely. Undoubtedly the topic of criminalizing comments (even if they are against commenting) or not.
  • The credibility and worthlessness of information illegally extracted or obtained from messengers of people must be established in law.
  • The internal powers of the messenger must be presented so that they can be prosecuted in case of violation of legal obligations, in other words, people must be allowed to know who entrusted their information.
  • Those who share people’s information illegally should be punished accordingly.
  • Appropriate punishment should also be considered for those who illegally obtained people’s information.
  • Appropriate penalties shall also be imposed on those who use illegally obtained personal information (for selection, acceptance and qualification other than for specified jobs).


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