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According to an online reporter, Nasrallah snoody He visited the border on Saturday evening Practice Piranshahr Wali of West Azerbaijan added: Two thousand vehicles have been deployed on the Erbil borders to transport pilgrims, which dear pilgrims can easily use to travel to Karbala and Najaf.

He continued: Crossing the border Practice His first experience this year was in serving the forty pilgrims of Imam Hussein (peace be upon him).a) We thank God for this.

snoody Noting that the Al-Arbaeen issue was very effective in the relations between the border cities between the two countries, explaining: So far, cross-border traffic has improved with the good interaction between the two countries. Practice It was done without any problems.

He said: Since Hajj Omran crossed the border and entered the Kurdistan region of Iraq, the Kurdish brothers have welcomed them well and the pilgrims are done quickly, then they are transported here. Place in Erbil and here the pilgrims rest and are satisfied. It is given to them and on the second day they are transported to Karbala in Iraqi cars.

This year for the first time on the border Practice In the city of Piranshahr, during the Arbaeen, Al-Husseini receives the passage of Iranian pilgrims to the holy places in Iraq, and in this way a large number of pilgrims go to the dear land to participate in the Arbaeen pilgrimage.

A visitor after crossing the border Practice In Haj Omran of Iran and Iraq, the roads of Haj Omran – Erbil, Erbil – Kirkuk and Kirkuk are considered as the road to Baghdad. Husseiniya Baghdad is the way back to Hajj Omran.

Practice It is about 150 km from Urmia, the capital of West Azerbaijan Province, and 650 km from Karbala, Mali.

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