Arresting 97 activists from the pyramid companies

The Deputy Fraud and Forgery of Faraj Intelligence Police announced the implementation of the eighth phase of the plan to identify and seal illegal network marketing companies and pyramid schemes and said: As part of the implementation of this plan, 97 people were arrested and 12 marketing and pyramid companies were also closed.

According to the informants, In explaining the details of this news, Colonel Abdullah Chulaki explained: In line with the plan to identify and seal unauthorized network marketing companies and hierarchical schemes, the eighth phase of this plan was implemented using the facilities, the maximum energies of individuals and the capabilities of the specialized police.

Pointing out that one of the police’s action plans is to fight pyramid marketing and distribution companies. Network marketing companies and four pyramid scheme sites were closed down and handed over to the judicial authorities.

Cholaki said the largest number of arrests were in the provinces of Khorasan Razavi, West Tehran, Golestan, Gilan, Kerman and Kurdistan, respectively: “A case has been filed against those arrested and they have been sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office to continue criminal proceedings.”

He stated that the activity of pyramid companies is prohibited according to the law and explained: the promise to pay large profits to introduce a subset of the scams of those companies, and job seekers should be careful in this regard. .

According to the Police News website, he reminded families: any work in government institutions through the media, a call from an old friend about employment, an invitation to your child to Tehran with the intention of working in a company with multiple benefits, including employment methods. Employing these people in pyramid and marketing firms should prevent them from giving a positive answer.

In the end, Chulaki asked his countrymen to refrain from engaging in activities that depended on adding a new member and to report suspicious cases to the 110 Police Emergency Station as soon as possible.

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