Iran Khodro Production Statistics in February

A review of Iran Khodro Industrial Group’s performance in February shows that this group of vehicles produced more than 60,000 vehicles and recorded sales invoices for 60,452 vehicles.

According to informants, the statistics provided by Iran Khodro and Saipa production and sales statistics in the eleventh month of this year show that Iran Khodro Group produced 63,500 vehicles.

Contrary to the sales statistics of this automobile manufacturer, it was recorded that 60,452 units of the products of this industrial group were sold.

Separately, according to statistics, Iran Khodro Company produced 36,561 units of Peugeot and 6,266 units of Samand family products, and issued sales invoices for 31,910 units of Peugeot and 75,502 units of Samand products.

Iran Khodro also produced 10,660 Dana cars, 3,296 Rana cars and 4,469 Tara cars in February.

On the other hand, this automobile company sold 12204 Dana, 2576 Rana and 4126 Tara respectively.

In February this year, this vehicle group also produced 1,711 Haima vehicles and invoiced 1,315 vehicles.
Besides, in the eleventh month of the year, Iran Khodro produced 696 units and sold 819 units of other products in its performance report.

In today’s news reporters Production and sales statistics of Iran Khodro Company in February Compared to the previous month, it was published incorrectly, and with apologies to the informers, this news has been corrected.

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