Investing in buying an apartment in Andesha

Investing and increasing profit from assets is a major issue and concern for many people. If you have capital, there are different ways to multiply it and make it profitable, and people invest according to their situation. One of the ways to invest is to buy real estate and houses. Investing in real estate is one of the best ways to invest if it is done responsibly and fully understands the potential profits and losses. Buying real estate, apartments and land is a great way to grow wealth and it is also a suitable investment for those who want to play an active role in the growth of their capital and not just put their money and capital passively in a managed account.

Investing by buying an apartment is one of the best investment strategies for people who want to have an additional source of monthly income with a slow but continuous increase. In the following, we will learn about the investment method by buying an apartment in Andesha, and discuss the objectives of this investment.

Reasons for recommending the purchase of an apartment in Andechye

Andisheh is a city in Tehran Province, located in the central part of Shahriar. The population of this city is more than one hundred thousand people, and the population density varies in the area of ​​​​this city. The city of Andisheh consists of 6 distinct phases and is located geographically 20 km from the city of Tehran, 3 km to the northwest of the city of Shahriar, and 7 km to the southeast of Karaj. This city is known as a new and innovative city and is well located in terms of facilities and urban development.

One of the reasons for the increase in population in this city is its adequate facilities and proximity to the capital. Andesha is also known as a commercial city and many people come and go there to earn money, work and buy flats in Andesha. Commuting to this city is very easy due to the presence of transportation facilities, including bus lines and taxis, and it is considered one of the advantages of the city of Andesha. The proximity of this city to Shahryar made it have a very good climate.

The cool and mild climate in the hot summer days is another feature of this city that encourages many people to buy apartments in Andechs. As said the facilities of this city are equal to a developed city and according to its area it has good amenities and entertainment facilities. Among the facilities of this city are many shops, green spaces, parks, banks, markets, etc. The variety of prices for buying an apartment in Andesih made people with any budget and capital have the ability to buy an apartment in this region. The price of buying an apartment in Andisheh is very reasonable due to its proximity to cities such as Tehran and Karaj, and it is considered an excellent opportunity for investment.

The best stage and space to buy an apartment in Andesha

As we mentioned, the city of Andesha consists of 6 phases, and it is necessary to know the characteristics of each phase in order to buy an apartment in Andesha.

  • The first stage Andisheh is located in the southern part of this city and in terms of urban planning it is older than the rest of the city. In this part of the city, due to the lack of amenities and entertainment, apartments are bought and sold at a lower price.
  • The second phase Andishe is one of the calm and serene areas of this city and the houses in it have a large space. This phase was built in 1370 AD, and in terms of green spaces and gardens, it is more equipped than the first phase.
  • third level Andishe is one of the best areas of this city in terms of facilities and progress. The apartments in this phase are well-looking and considered to be a quiet and luxurious area.
  • The fourth stage Andesi is known as a commercial and economic region. One of the most important places at this stage is the Iranian Grand Islamic Bazaar Naqsh-e Jahan, which has a long history. Most of the houses in this phase are villas.
  • level five Andishes are quite the newly built and new areas of this city and institutional flats and homes are seeing large numbers at this point. Amir Kabir complex was also a famous place at this point in Andisheh city.
  • Sixth stage Andisheh is privately owned, apartments and houses are not built in this area.

The best stage to buy an apartment in Andesha is the third stage. The reason for this is the short distance of this stage from the city of Tehran, and there are a lot of transportation lines through the third stage to the main centers of the city of Tehran. There are also quite a few citizens of this city in phase 3, and access to the market and other facilities seems easier during this phase.

The price of the apartment is in Andisheh, Tehran

Due to the good geographical and commercial location of this city, the prices of apartments and real estate in this area are increasing day by day. For this reason, buying an apartment in Andisha is a profitable and promising investment method. The rapid development of this city shows its bright future and you can also make a great profit by buying a flat in Andesha. For more information and news about Andisheh Housing, you can contact Kayan Residential Complex as Andisheh Real Estate Consulting Company and benefit from the instructions of this complex.

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