Himyari Organization is a safe establishment for construction projects in Lorestan

Informants / Lorestan The governor of Lorestan described the Himyari organization as a safe institution for construction projects in the province.

Today, July 3, Farhad Zeviar, in the honoring and introducing meeting held by the CEO of the Municipal Cooperation Organization, considered rejuvenation as one of the important measures in the municipality and said: This procedure can be presented as an important model for other regions of the country.

He said: The use of the experiences and capabilities of these young people can lead to the development and progress of the province.

Noting the existence of important construction projects, the governor of Lorestan indicated that the Himyari organization should take all possible steps to improve its situation and develop the province, adding: At the beginning of this government’s accession to power, the Himyari organization had many economic weaknesses, but with the caretaker administration Caretaker, the organization and support of the deputy county civil affairs coordinator has largely solved these problems.

Xavier continued: We hope this year, with the support of the municipalities and the governorate, that this organization will show a brighter record.

He considered that the sympathy and interaction of the municipalities with the Himyari organization is the key to success, and added: The Himyari organization is considered one of the safe and reliable institutions for municipal construction projects, and on the other hand, it must take steps with proper planning to increase the annual income and budget.

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