Construction of a 2,700 MW small-scale power plant in the country

According to the Transparency Report, micro-generation or distributed generation is the supply of electricity using 25 MW generators that can be installed at consumption points or connected to the distribution network with continuous operation. In order to save electricity, according to its environmental characteristics, it can be used in various centers.

According to this definition, a group of devices or facilities for the production of electricity that can be technically connected to the local distribution network and whose practical production capacity at the point of connection to the distribution network does not exceed 25 MW are called small-scale generators. .

One of the small advantages of reducing pollution beyond the standard compared to large plants is the presence of plants with higher than average efficiency of central heating plants and their proximity to the point of use with the power source. Electricity generating stations that increase the reception of local and foreign investors from the private sector

According to the announcement of Al-Taawon Company, following the announcement of the instructions for developing small generators in 2016, the development of small generators was placed on the agenda of the Ministry of Energy and Al-Taawon Company, which currently number 275. Plants were turned on. In the country.

Last year, the capacity of small power plants provided more than 2% of the country’s electricity, which was a huge help to weather the peak summer and harsh winter conditions of the 1400’s, but using 76MW of new capacity earlier. This year, the maximum asynchronous generation of small-scale thermal power plants in the summer was more than 1,200 MW.

Accordingly, the development of small-scale thermal generators with technical and economic justifications with support mechanisms for these works is pursued with a guarantee of purchase and the possibility of transferring the electricity produced through bilateral contracts with cooperation industries. The company currently has a guaranteed purchase agreement of 800 MW with power plants under construction and under construction.

In addition to the Sixth Development Plan Law and in line with the proposed development of these generators, the public announcement of priority points along with the required capacity in various regions of the country with a total capacity of 2,700 megawatts in the country. The participation of local and foreign investors in these stages is through regional electricity companies and electricity distribution.

Electricity companies are also ready to cooperate and support the construction of self-sufficient power plants, especially for industries, so that the benefits of these generators can be utilized more than before by increasing production capacity at points of consumption.

This report indicates that the 13th government began work on 20,000 megawatts in the face of the dispute, and the Ministry of Energy has been able to highlight the forgotten capabilities of the electricity industry by compiling and detailing a 100-step plan. Accordingly, electricity projects involving micro-generation or distributed generation have been accelerated.

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