What is the story of rationing electricity in the steel and cement industries?

A spokesperson for the energy industry said: This year, the sustainable energy supply program for energy industries is the same as last year, and even industries that built power plants during this period have full exemptions in consumption management programs.

According to the informants, Mostafa Rajabi Mashhadi, in response to the informants’ questions regarding the rationing of the steel and cement industries, said: This year, the stable electrification program will be provided to industries that are often shared with regional energy companies. With power as per plan and we have no problem supplying them with electricity.

He explained that the energy supply program for the industries that last year provided their energy supplies so that they achieved a production growth of more than 13%, continues this year as well, and on the other hand, the energy supplies for the cement industries also exceeded the agreed amount per month.

Rajabi Mashhadi said: The energy supply program for industries, which was provided last year in a way that increased production by more than 13%, is continuing this year, and on the other hand, the energy provided by the cement industry also exceeded the agreed amount per month. Accordingly, during March and April last month, compared to the same period last year, the stock exchange industries witnessed production growth of 9.4% and 5.8%, respectively.

And he continued: The growth in the production of metal products in April 1402 compared to last year amounted to 15.4%, which indicates that there is sufficient electrical supply this year.

A spokesman for the electricity industry added: Only a limited number of iron and cement industries are joint distribution companies whose program is similar to the one coordinated with the Ministry of Security, and the proposed plan contained in the meeting was presented in the presence of the Minister of Energy and he opposed it and removed it from the agenda .. He exited

And he continued: At the same time, in the aforementioned letter, which was published by some media outlets, subscribers were asked to avoid increasing consumption and increasing the load on the country’s electricity grid by shifting the load during peak hours.

Rajabi Mashhadi emphasized: The plans for the transition from the period of peak consumption of the Ministry of Energy to industries, which were compiled in coordination and cooperation with other interested institutions, including the Ministry of Security, include a complete support package for production and employment.

The official spokesperson for the electricity industry added, “Among the basic assumptions of this year’s program is the sufficient supply of industrial products for the country’s consumption, as well as the lack of momentum and stability in the market price and control of inflation, which led to it being identified and announced in cooperation with the Ministry of Security.

A spokesperson for the electricity industry, while expressing hope regarding the energy package expected by the Ministry of Energy, said: This package will be delivered to the relevant industries like last year, and it will certainly lead to production growth like last year.

the end of the letter

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