Design and installation of the first centrifugal decanter for polymer units in the petrochemical industry

For the first time in the country, a decanter centrifuge was designed, built and installed in the S-PVC unit of Iran and a knowledge-based company in the Science and Technology Park by order of Arvand Petrochemical. University of higher education schools

According to the informants, Kivan Vadai, Commercial Director of Danesh Albany Corporation, announced this news: In the past, centrifugal meters in this company were designed and built by order of other existing petrochemical and oil companies.

Babouneh pointed out the need to be careful in designing and using the latest technologies in the world, and added: The production, design and construction of this sensitive and important equipment in the petrochemical manufacturing process depends on the latest design and manufacturing standards for this equipment.

Referring to the year’s announcement, Fida’i said: “Since the beginning of the year, the title of production, knowledge base and job creation has been allocated to it, and the functional status of this tool has been reported to be very favorable in terms of performance.” To achieve optimum performance

According to Tarpiat Mudarres University, Daneshpanyan, the company’s commercial director, continued: “With this capacity, the design and construction of equipment was previously the preserve of two European countries, and after the application of post-Pirzam restrictions, companies demanded he-she.” The required use of this equipment is problematic and based on the capabilities and records of this company and the request of the Arvand Petrochemical Company, this equipment has been designed and built based on the technical knowledge and experience of our company.

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