Providing new facilities to complete the reconstruction of housing units in Bandar Imam

Informants / Khuzestan The head of the State Housing Corporation said: Of the 5,000 flooded housing units to be built in Imam Port, 150 million tomans of loans will be deposited into the applicant’s account for each housing unit.

Today, August 16, Akbar Nikzad said while visiting the reconstruction of 5,000 flooded housing units in Bandar Imam: For each housing unit, another 150 million tomans have been approved for a low-cost loan at 5% interest. This approval was given to the head of the Housing Corporation, the program and budget announced by the Central Bank and other agencies.

The head of the country’s Housing Corporation said: Currently, the Central Bank is reporting this decision to the banks operating in Bandar Imam, and the files of all these applicants are in the Central Bank.

Critics explained: In this regard, we received orders to contact me if these facilities were not paid and the construction of the joint units was not completed, but at the meeting held in Tehran I promised to provide these facilities. In the case of payment, the operational processes of the units will end with the help of each other and people, and the people will remain in their units.

According to the informants, he added: Regarding the provision of water and electricity services, etc., during my last trip to the Imam port, I followed up on this topic and after discussing the matter with the Minister of Energy and promised to raise it. The county governor has to make a decision on this, and fortunately, a lot of work has been done.

“Currently, if work in this area is not taken seriously, all these units will stop by half, in which case people will have problems,” said the head of the country’s housing institution.

Critics stated: We will work hand in hand to complete these units, in which case there was only a debt problem, and fortunately it was approved by the grace of the president and officers of the desired facility and good deals were made. The service has been discussed with the Minister of Energy and we should start discussing carpentry, wall painting, tiling, plumbing, electricity, etc. in this area.

He said, “Yesterday, plans were made with the Director General of the Khuzestan Housing Corporation, Mr. Jannati in the field of carpentry, tiling, and others, and coordination and decisions were made with many building materials factories, and materials were supplied at a low rate and the promise to work in cooperation was completed.”

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