Corona player returns to training, and the injury of the Persepolis national team is over Iran and world news

According to the online news agency, the capital’s Bayadh held the second training course for them in the Tehran oil field today, Friday. The training began by keeping the players warm under the supervision of the team’s bodybuilding coaches.

Then the players played the most exciting game among the three groups. The combination of training, sending flankers, moving in depth and shooting on goals in this program’s football program.

The training of the white team for 70 minutes will be a complete preparation of the players and their active presence in all stages of the training.

Omid Alisha and Siamak practiced under the supervision of the medical staff Neamaty. Mehdi Turabi was still absent from training due to coronary heart disease, but Ehsan Bahlawan came to training after the player’s heart test was negative.

Milad Saralac, who was injured on the eve of the national team camp, took part in group training today after recovering from the injury.

Tomorrow (Saturday) the Persepolis football team will organize its last training session before traveling to Mashhad and playing with the results, and it will head to Tehran on a chartered plane from Tehran.

The return match of Persepolis and Mazandaran football teams from the 17th week of the Iranian Premier League (Persian Gulf Cup) will be held on Sunday at Imam Reza (peace be upon him) Stadium in Mashhad.

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