Tawanger: Prisoners benefiting from legal friendships doubled the joy of the national team’s victory

The representative of the people of Tehran in the Islamic Council welcomed the order of the chief justice that prisoners benefit from legal friendship and doubled the joy of the national team’s victory.

According to the informants, Mujtaba Tawanger wrote on his Twitter page:

On the occasion of the victory of the Iranian national football team, the head of the judiciary and the national happiness of the Iranians ordered an introduction to release those arrested in the recent events who do not have serious crimes and return to their conditions. country. In the arms of their families, the joy of the national team’s victory.
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According to the Judicial Media Center, “After the exciting victory and the exciting performance of our country’s football team against the Wales national football team and the joy and happiness that arose throughout Islamic Iran and the expression and crystallization of the collective spirit of Hojjat Al-Islam and Muslims Mohseni Aji Raees to issue a judicial order, the judiciary ordered the agencies and centers The competent judiciary, thanks be to God for the blessings and national happiness as a result of the national victory.The Islamic Republic of Iran should provide assistance and assistance to prisoners who have the conditions to benefit from legal friendship and make the necessary preparations for their release and return to the warm arms of their families as soon as possible.

Of course, the order of the Chief Justice stipulates that those who committed crimes in recent times, were martyred, injured people’s security men, set fire to people’s property, and burned the Qur’an, cannot do that. Forgive or be forgiven is our focus. “There is no place for friendship between agents and agents of the recent unrest.”

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