The Independence Department lost the game twice / Mr. Sajjadi should have entered earlier + movie

Criticism of Captain Esteghlal’s harsh criticism of Fathollahzadeh:

The player of the Esteghlal football team criticized the management of this team after the match with Al-Aluminum.

According to the correspondent of the sports group affiliated with the ANA news agency, Sayed Hossein Hosseini said after Esteghlal’s victory over Aluminum in the Journalists’ Group: “We have already gone through a very difficult match.” Aluminum hasn’t lost in several weeks and I think it’s very difficult to play in see you. Thank God we have continued our good run. Let’s get to 3 points.

And he said about the independence march this season: Our march is good, praise be to God, but as you know, we ourselves, the technical staff and the masses, and no one is with us. I am really surprised that Mr. Fathollahzadeh was on a different network every day during this time, and this caused so much psychological burden on our shoulders. From the first day they came, they said one day he was a toxic attacker and the next day they said Hussain had a notice! I think all of these things were wrong.

And the independence leader continued: The pressure on the players has increased since the first day of their arrival. During this period, one day the contract of a certain player came out and the next day someone else’s contract appeared, and do you think these things will help our team? How much a trained driver gets is not going to help me as a player or even as a fan. You should come and fix our problems, not seek to erase the minutes of the meeting. You mentioned last week that contracts are high, you as a new manager should come and solve our problems. Even in this program you went and instead of solving our problems you are putting worse problems on our shoulders. The competitions will end in about a month and our team is playing well. After the league is over, who will ask about our condition?

Watch more of his talk below.

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