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According to the internet reporter, Rashid Moghehri’s interview and mockery of Farhad Majidi not only provoked a wave of protests by independence supporters, but also some Sepahan supporters complained about the issue and now believe that it is better to count on the rise of the Asian Sepahan. With his victory in Al Duhail, Al-Majhri focused on this important match instead of making fun of Majidi.

For this reason, Mohamed Nouri, a veteran in the blue jersey, stated in an interview with an online reporter: Before the match independently, Mahari wanted to start a mental struggle with the team, but he could not have chosen a better time and place to do so. Their Asian game is off.

Advice for former Independence players/players who went in the wrong direction!

The blue-shirted veteran confirmed that Mahari is a good goalkeeper and is technically one of the best players in Iran. But time has shown that Majidi’s decision on Bab al-Istiqlal was the right decision. Today, when this team has the best defensive line with fewer goals and Al-Hussaini has the best performance in the league’s goalkeepers, no one can criticize Al-Majdi’s decision regarding his team’s goal.

He said, “Today, when his team needs to focus more than ever, Mujahideen like Naveed Kea and other members of his team are advised to focus on their work to increase their success rate in Asia. Starting a psychological war from the depths of the AFC Champions League for independence is not the best way to get On points from this team.

Football experts later referred to the case of Mahdi Qidi and the possibility of adding his name to the separate Al-Ahly youth list, and said: Personally, if I was a cheek, I would not be an advisor if I was before independence. Stay independent and move to Europe after the World Cup, and don’t rush into the weakest league in the region.

Advice for former Independence players/players who went in the wrong direction!

Nouri said: “Today is a good option for the leaders to return to Istiklal and play in this team for at least another season so that they can return to the national team and go to the World Cup.” A long trip to Qatar with the national team is only possible on the way to independence. I do not know the nature of the contract with Al-Ahly youth, how they separated and under what circumstances. But I know that returning to freedom is a good option for him. Even if they have to pay for a solution to this problem.

“Peace is important for freedom and more than anyone else to maintain this peace, Farhad Majidi is the leader of this squad,” a former member of Abi Majon’s technical committee said of the league’s final weeks. From now on I want Majdi to keep his composure and focus from the end of the season and prevent any flooding, and it is clear that a lot of people are deliberately trying to disturb Majdi’s calm in order to gain independence points in the final weeks of getting lost.

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