Ex-soccer player about to stand trial in court for fraud

Ex-soccer player to stand trial for fraud

Not so long ago, news of the arrest of 6 people, including ex-footballer Adele K, was reported in the media for fraud and disruption of the financial system.

According to Barna. In the preliminary investigation, it was found that 6 accused had escaped by forming a gang, defrauding 1,254 people and disrupting the country’s economic system. But how did the members of this 6-person gang do this fraud?

In 1377, chests began to operate in Ramhurmuz in an almost hierarchical fashion. In this way, the loan applicant has to pay the loan installments to the home fund owner as a down payment. For example, by paying 10 million tomans and 1 million tomans per month, they can get an interest-free loan of 50 million tomans or more after 6 months. These funds had leaders who attracted and invested in a nearly hierarchical fashion.
The loss of thousands of people from this money within a few months led to the identification of 42 detectors in Ramhurmes with different devices and the freezing of their accounts in 2018, which led to the return of the amounts invested by the people in these funds to them without. receive it. loan
One of these unofficial money changers, a woman named Ainaz, received money from at least 1,254 people, but was unable to pay her debts. At the same time, an arrest warrant was issued for him and 5 collaborators, one of whom is a former football player.
Yesterday, Mohammad Hosseinzadeh, Prosecutor and Revolutionaries of Ram Hormuz, announced the indictment in this case. Referring to the order of the Chief Justice of Khuzestan to expedite the adjudication of cases of multiple plaintiffs in the province, he said: With the increase in the number of plaintiffs, their number in this case reached 1,793, and a case – the collection of huge sums by taking deposits from natural persons, which caused people’s pity and their desire to Money. Ram Hormuz was heard in court.
He continued: Since the accused are on the run, an indictment was issued in absentia and the case was referred to the Khuzestan Province Criminal Court for consideration. According to this report, the photo without the mask and its details was published earlier to identify and arrest the accused in the case, and the efforts of the judicial authorities have not yet succeeded in arresting them.

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