Branko welcomes the offer made by the coach of Persepolis

Yahya Gulmohammadi went on vacation after winning Persepolis in the Knockout Cup without taking any action for next season. Almost three weeks have passed since the end of the season for Persepolis, and during this time this club should have taken a step in the direction of strengthening the team and a preparatory program for strong participation in domestic and foreign tournaments, but nothing happened in that. This connection so far, the reason for this is that Yahya Golmohammadi is also silent on his future. In fact, Yehia has put Persepolis FC in limbo and left many calls unanswered. In such a situation, Persepolis would naturally look for a plan B for its team. an event which, of course, has not yet occurred; Because Reda Darwish believed and still believes that Yahya will continue his work in Persepolis. But if this situation continues until the end of this week, Darwish will look for a replacement for the head coach under his club contract.

If Yehia decides not to work with Persepolis, then this club will go to a foreign coach as a first step. In this case, Branko Ivankovic will be the first choice to replace Yahia. The Croatian coach is not entirely satisfied with his conditions in Oman and would welcome Persepolis’ offer if he arrived. Meanwhile, in order to please Branco, FC Persepolis must first of all solve its tax problem. This club had to pay its taxes for the 5 seasons of the Broncos’ existence in Persepolis, and the tax settlement for these 5 years had not yet been sent to the Broncos.

It goes without saying that the Broncos’ contract with the Omani Federation includes a termination clause of $600,000, but according to the coach’s relatives, he can leave Oman without any problems, provided he is willing to work in Persepolis. It is noteworthy that before the 2022 World Cup, in a television interview, when talking about returning to Iranian football, Branko said: “He has a semi-finished job in Persepolis (a tournament in Asia) and perhaps one day he will return to it.” Iran”. In any case, the first choice for Persepolis club for the next season is Yahya Golmohammadi, but if he has not yet shown his desire to continue working in this team, he will start the Broncos return project in this club.


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