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Familiarity with the rustic style in architecture; The origin of the idea and its features

Country style actually refers to the summer cottage style. The rustic style is inspired by country homes as well as charming summer homes. For this reason, this style is also known as rustic style. In the design of buildings in this style, the exterior or interior of a rural property is displayed. Therefore, the main feature of this method is its simplicity. In fact, by being in a building with rustic architectural principles, you can be your true self without worry!

The interior design of the villa building was in the past, and this style emerged to suit the living conditions and financial capacity of the villagers. But these days, due to its inherent simplicity, this style has become very popular among the people and even among the powerful classes of society. In accordance with architectural principles and techniques, in the rustic style, raw and simple materials are mostly used. For this reason, this beautiful style can be considered one of the cheapest and most affordable styles in architecture.

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Why is it necessary to have a rustic design villa?

Storefront design has always had its own fans. But today, with the expansion of urbanization, the number of these fans has increased. Villas are built on the basis of more human interaction with nature, and who among us does not like to spend his spare time in peace and away from the hustle and bustle of the city?! The Cottage Villas are villas with a warm and friendly design. These villas are ideal for weekend getaways with friends and family.

The advantages of owning a villa close to nature include:

  • Enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of nature, suitable for relaxing at the end of a busy week.
  • Get away from the air pollution and noise pollution of the city
  • Provides an excuse to gather with friends, family and acquaintances.
  • It’s a great idea to create variety in everyday life

If you have used a rustic style in your villa design, it will be easier to achieve these benefits. The rustic style provides you with a more intimate, warm and beautiful environment due to its great compatibility with nature.

Tips for designing a country style villa

In the interior design of the residential house, it must be possible to touch the beauty of nature and take advantage of its capabilities and characteristics. The more access to these facilities is provided, the higher the villa design value. But what do these key points include?

  1. The direct and close contact of the villa with the natural environment is mandatory. Do not forget that the purpose of building a villa is to be closer to nature.
  2. Villa design principles are different from the ordinary house. When designing a villa in the lap of nature and in a rustic style, you must be aware of all the possibilities and conditions of the environment. Therefore, taking advantage of the potential of the villa construction site is of great importance in the design of the rural villa.
  3. For the reason we mentioned in the previous case, it is very important to seek the help of an architect and master designer to design a country villa in the geographical area you want. If you want to get a good and satisfactory result in this field, it is better to leave the work to an expert.
  4. The first goal in building any structure should be to improve the quality and lifestyle of its residents. Therefore, before the initial steps of villa construction, all its aspects must be considered for an ideal, comfortable and quiet life.
  5. Make sure your structure matches form and function.

These five elements were just some of the necessary points in the design of the country villa. It is recommended to do a lot of research in the beginning to follow these important points meticulously and rigorously. Find out the experience and knowledge of the engineer, designer and architect, the conditions of the geographical area, your preferred style of villa design, the possibilities of the land for construction, and then take the appropriate action.

Practical materials for designing a country villa

Most of the elements used in the design of the rustic villa are inspired by nature. So wood plays a major and special role in this style. And as we said, this minimalist style favors the use of raw, unpainted wood. Except for wood, other natural elements appear in this style of architecture. All of these elements are used naturally and raw to trace the pattern. It is now evident that in ancient times the villagers were more inclined to this style than the townspeople.

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Another feature of the rustic architectural style is its roughness. Imagine that the texture and color of any of the natural elements will not be modified. This rough appearance makes the rustic buildings more compatible with the natural environment around them. Of course, it should be noted that while the rustic style in the design of the villa is harsh, it provides a friendly and pleasant atmosphere for the users. In addition, in this style, most of the materials used are indigenous to that region. Because in this case, the building is more compatible with the environment and the price is more affordable.

The most commonly used materials for rustic villa design include wood, brick, stone, and sometimes metal. Of course, as mentioned, the geographical environment of the villa also has a direct impact on the materials required. For example, in a mountainous area, it is common to use uncut stones of different sizes. While designing the rustic building located in the forest area, the use of wood is more common and more reasonable.

Functional colors and textures for rustic style

As mentioned, unpainted materials with their own natural texture are most common in country style. Therefore, most of the textures and colors that we see in a rustic design building are very similar to those that can be seen in nature. Colors like green, blue, peas, brown, khaki and other neutrals are widely used in this style. Of course, due to the variety of materials available in the market, a wide variety of colors have found their way into the rustic style.

Because in the rustic style, the colors are mostly left to their natural state, and the textures and patterns in the rustic style play an important role in reviving the space. The original motifs of wood and stone can add to the beauty and originality of these buildings. Patterns like patchwork, patchwork and designs like gebe contribute to the beauty and freshness of rustic villa design.

Rural villa design principles

The first principle of country villa design is simple; Use natural beauty to bring comfort, beauty, simplicity and warmth to your building. But do not consider yourself obligated to follow private advice and magazines. In designing a country villa, your hand is open to many options. In fact, the main task of this style is comfort and simplicity for its inhabitants. It is enough to follow the basic principles in building a villa with your own taste and rustic style. Other elements can be changed according to your taste to create the atmosphere you want.

Stages of building and designing a rural villa

Villa design principles are not limited to the interior and exterior design of the villa only. Landscaping, green space design, swimming pool, playground, flower and plant planting, landscape creation, etc. are all villa design principles. Therefore, it is better to establish the main area of ​​​​the villa at the same time as the construction of its area so that these two areas match each other in terms of shape and structure.

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The stages of building and designing a rural villa in brief:

  1. Knowledge of the desired Earth environment and its inherent and local potential: for this you can use the information of an expert local person and an aerial map.
  2. The size of the villa area: the design and construction of the villa is according to the client’s taste. In fact, the design of the area and environment of the villa is directly related to his desires and expectations.
  3. Separation of the interior and exterior spaces of the villa and the general layout of each of them according to the engineering foundations and the client’s needs
  4. Design a preliminary map and plan: The preliminary map and plan must be examined and diagnosed. If any problem occurs, it must be resolved first.
  5. The designed preliminary plan must be approved by the employer: the opinion and taste of the employer play the main role at this stage. Finally, according to his opinion, this plan may change or remain the same. If the map is changed, any needs and desires must be applied in the next update until we finally have a perfect and final plan.
  6. At this stage, the villa is being built: steps such as excavation, concreting, erection of building frame, fence, etc. are carried out in order.
  7. After forming the foundation of the building or after completing the construction phases, it is time to design the interior of the country style villa. The interior design of this space usually matches the outdoor space.

Matching the villa inside and out

In the principles of architecture, it is very important to match the interior and exterior spaces. In the country style, it is best to use items and elements that more harmoniously show the inside and outside. In fact, in order to create a strong visual connection between the two existing spaces, some points must be considered in the thinking and design of the country villa.

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Some tips that will help you in this way are:

  • Use of large open spaces (doors, windows, etc.)
  • The use of interior corridors and matching what we see in country houses
  • Balcony, balcony and spring sleeper design with rustic building design let you enjoy the open space
  • Wooden floors are unique to use in country style villa, especially wide and dark floors are more popular among them.
  • You can also use wide planks to support the roof of the country villa. Cherry, pine, and alder are suitable in this area and can contribute greatly to the beauty of your environment.
  • Do not neglect the use of hand tools and handicrafts, especially local handicrafts. Handcrafted details and accessories that match your villa’s rustic architecture.
  • The use of natural plants or other elements related to nature in the building space for greater harmony with the environment is also essential to obtain a beautiful space.
  • compliance with the principles of interior arrangement in accordance with nature and natural elements; For example, in a rustic jungle villa, you could use logs instead of chairs.

These items are just to prepare your mind for ideas about rustic villa decoration and design. To complete this list to your taste, pay attention to the rustic cottages. Any element of her arrangement that you find attractive is a good source of inspiration to use in your country villa design.

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