End of year sale details

The third period of the Nowruz Festival of Special Sales, titled “Fair on the Scale of Iran”, will be held from February 20, 1401 to April 20, 1402.

According to the informants, the Iranian Chamber of Trade Unions announced in a notice, “In light of the advent of the last days of the year and to manage the market on the night of Eid, as well as with the aim of honoring the consumers of the trade union’s products, the stability of the market, the prosperity of the trade union’s business and the support of Iranian production.” Exhibition on the scale of Iran.

In accordance with the Guidelines, the supervision of this Special and Exceptional Sales Scheme shall be carried out by the Trade Unions in coordination with the relevant trade unions within the framework of the Trade Union Act.

Also, the supply of goods and services (Iranian products) with priority of quality and reasonable price with minimum profit, in selected business units, in order to support the production and supply of Iranian products and to create a positive feeling among the people and prosperity of the manufacturing business are among the goals of the festival.

In accordance with this code of practice, it is the responsibility of the unions to monitor the performance of the selected trade unions at the festival in terms of obtaining the price tag of goods, quality, appropriate price with minimum profit, issuance of sales and supply invoices for authorized local goods and products, and also to expedite the handling of violations in For government punitive branches, all reports of abuse must have an online “intensive inspection plan” by the relevant trade unions.

Also, because of the unionist approach to the festival, all services, including registration, monitoring, evaluation, response and complaint handling, are the responsibility of the trade unions under the supervision of the city’s union chambers. Full supervision of all operations, including monitoring and monitoring of compliance with health protocols, receiving the address and telephone number of the relevant trade union and the authority to handle public complaints to support consumers until the end of the project, is the responsibility of the inspection and supervision units of the trade union and trade union rooms.

The Iranian Chamber of Trade Unions also emphasized in the guidelines that it is mandatory to install the festival poster in the union unit in such a way that it is visible to customers.

It should be noted that the project implementation period starts from February 20, 1401 to April 20, 1402 AD. The performance of the guilds is supervised by the guild chambers in the cities, and during the implementation of the condensation plan, the chambers of other guild units outside the said plan will be inspected.

the end of the letter

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