Details of the plan to replace the new group with the old one in Golestan

Informants / Golestan The head of the Agricultural Jihad Mechanization Department in Golestan explained the details of the plan to replace new and worn out harvesters in the province, and said: With the implementation of this plan, worn out harvesters will be stopped.

Maryam Barznouni, in an interview with Al-Khabar correspondent, announced the implementation of the plan to replace worn-out harvesters with new ones, and said: This plan was initiated in the country, and its implementation also began in Golestan. among them.

He pointed out that applicants have now been submitted to the Working Bank to receive the facility, explaining: This plan will make the worn-out harvesters outdated, which will help preserve and protect the agricultural product.

The head of the Department of Mechanization of Agricultural Jihad in Golestan called the farmer to the first and best supervisor on the farm and stressed that the farmer should evaluate the date of harvesting his crop and then go to the harvest that he knows its health and the correct method of harvesting. On the other hand, the presence of farms at the time of harvest is mandatory, and unfortunately many farmers are not present at the time of harvest.

Referring to the method for determining the necessary standards for harvesters, Barznouni explained: There are about three thousand harvesters in Golestan Province, and this amount is less than 18 thousand across the country. In fact, one-sixth of the harvesters in the country are operating in Golestan.

He added: Most of the combined production in our country is carried out by the Iran Joint Manufacturing Company, but a limited number of combine harvesters are imported and have been added to the country’s collection of harvesting fleet in recent years.

The head of the Department of Mechanization of Agricultural Jihad in Golestan said: The harvest of agricultural products in Golestan Province starts from the last decade of May, and in this regard, the technical examination of the harvesters began since the end of March 1401, and experts refer to the harvest. The owners of each city in two to three stages.

Referring to the crop failure in some of the harvesters, Barznouni noted: Fortunately, in the current crop season, with the help of the Executive Headquarters of Farman Imam (RA), granting bank facilities for purchasing parts and rebuilding the harvesters has been put on the agenda and is still in progress.

He stated that the facilities granted to owners are at a fee of 4% and are planned for 10% of the harvesters in the governorate. Having problems purchasing spare parts for their machines, they can turn to Jihad Agriculture in the respective city to pick it up.

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