What are the duties of a sales expert in an organization?

One hundred percent, it can be said that a sales expert is one of the most important jobs in an organization. The sales expert must have the necessary skills and abilities to attract clients and also move the organization’s sales chart to the top. Not everyone can be hired as a sales expert; Because revenue and competition with competitors in the organization are largely determined by the sales expert.

In addition to the items mentioned, the sales expert should know that in times of crisis, the key to solving the problem is in his hands. The duties of the sales expert in the organization include market analysis, communication with customers, preparation of conditions for advertising campaigns and consultations, and reporting to the organization’s managers. He must also find suitable sales ideas and present them to the managers. In the following, we will deal with all the duties of a sales expert.

Sales expert Sales expert skills

Who is the sales expert?

Some people confuse the job of a sales expert with the job of a salesperson and think that these jobs are the same. But these two functions have important differences that set them apart. In this section, we would like to describe the tasks of a sales expert and tell who a sales expert is and what he does in organizations.

The sales professional is the person who communicates with the customer. Introduce the organization’s products well to customers and explain the product’s features to the customer. He pays attention to the needs and demands of customers and acts according to them, which leads to an increase in sales volume and number of customers.

Communicating with the customer, presenting the product, etc., which we mentioned, are part of the generality of this job, and you should also familiarize yourself with its details. In describing the duties of a sales expert, we will discuss the important topics that show the importance of this job.

Familiarity with the duties of a sales expert

What are the duties of a sales expert? The duties of a sales expert are determined in each organization according to the needs, products, and sales strategies of that organization, and the duties of a sales expert may be different in two different organizations. But if we want to say in general terms what are the duties of a sales expert! We deal with their common duties. The duties of a sales expert include the following.

  1. Communication with the client: The first and most important task of a sales specialist is communication with the customer. The task of communicating with the customer is as follows: the sales expert must negotiate with customers and interact with new customers. Understanding customer needs and finding the right solution for them.
  2. Sales planning: Another job of a sales expert is sales and marketing planning. This means that the sales expert must have a proposal for further sales and the application of his strategies. Preparing advertisements in the organization in the best way and developing an appropriate plan for each step.
  3. Communication with managers: The sales expert must communicate with the sales team and company managers. It means preparing analytical reports of sales transactions, analyzing feedback from new products and making them available to managers to make appropriate decisions. If the sales expert performs this task well; Managers can correct wrong policies and strengthen appropriate ones.
  4. Providing products and services to customers: Another task of a sales professional is to present products and services to customers. In the negotiation session that takes place between the sales expert and the customer; The sales expert must present the product to the customer completely and without exaggeration. It should also mention the services that will be provided to the client. In this task, explaining honestly without any exaggeration is the most important pillar.
  5. Follow up clients: In the first negotiation session, the sales expert should do something to bring them to the next meetings and create a path for reconnection. For example, provide the product catalog to the customer. A few days after the first meeting, call the client to follow up.
  6. Learn to Grow in Marketing and Sales: There are people who think. The information they possess is sufficient for the rest of their working life and they do not need to be consolidated and developed. This opinion is completely wrong. Because the sales professional must always update his information. Because we know that new technologies and strategies are always being added to improve sales.

Sales expert Sales expert skills

Professional sales expert skills

A sales professional should not be content with just his education and knowledge. To be successful in this job, you must develop the skills every sales professional needs. The sales expert does not just deal with customers and must be able to communicate and interact with forces within the organization. After describing the duties of a sales expert, we will now describe the skills of a professional sales expert so that you can strengthen them yourself. Sales Specialist skills include the following.

  1. communication skill: The first skill of a sales expert; It is a communication skill. A successful sales professional is someone who maintains a relationship with customers. Understand their demands and follow up with clients.
  2. Product knowledge: The sales expert must know the company’s products and know their characteristics.
  3. Problem solving power: The sales professional must be able to aggressively solve problems that arise in sales and transfer that strength to customers who have the ability to solve problems.
  4. negotiate: The sales expert should know that as an expert, he is negotiating with many people. Therefore, he must know the etiquette of mingling with others. He knows how to speak and be silent at the same time. Knowledge of the type of speech and the type of expression of words.
  5. He listens: The sales expert must listen to the demands of the customers and let the audience speak more in the negotiation and understand their needs and wants in the middle of the conversation.
  6. Psychology and Counseling: You’re not supposed to talk psychic in meetings; But you should know that one of the most important skills is giving advice regarding the product that the customer intends to buy.
  7. Crisis Management: Every organization is facing financial crisis, sales expert must have strategies to manage it.

The amount of the sales expert’s salary in 1402 AH

There are various factors to determine the salary of a sales expert; Such as: the type of sales expert’s duties, work experience, degree, geographical location, etc., but according to information obtained about salaries and wages in 1402, the average salary of a sales expert is 20,000,000 tomans this year in Iran. But sometimes he happens to be a sales expert because of his skills and experience; This brings the amount to 60 or 70 million.

Sales software is the most important business tool for sales professionals

One of the skills and duties of a sales professional is to work with sales software. Sales software is the most important tool for performing the duties of a sales expert. Must know how to record and follow up sales transactions, orders and customer details in this software. One of the sales software that most sales professionals work with today is sales accounting software Yes order He is.

Introducing one of the best sales accounting software

We learned about the job of a sales expert and learned what the duties and skills of a sales expert are. Now we want to introduce one of the best sales accounting software, so that you can choose the right one as a professional sales expert. Arian System’s sales accounting software is one of the best sales accounting software; That every expert should have in his system.

Aryan System sales accounting software prevents shortage of stock of warehouse goods after customers register sales orders by making it possible to book orders before sale and record all sales invoices systematically. The management of sales contracts and the possibility of creating a management of completed sales can be easily organized through the sales software of the Ariane system.

Providing reports on the volume of sales made and warehouse stock in real time, the possibility of arranging sales and automatic issuance of sales documents, among other advantages. Sales accounting software Ariane is a system that has made sales work easier for accountants and sales managers.

Arian System’s sales accounting system starts all sales processes that can be tracked from the moment the transactions are initiated. Booking sales orders and recording all invoices and contracts of the sales department in a completely systematic manner in the sales software of the Aryan system organizes the planning and management of the sales process. You can see the most important features of the Arian System sales software in the image below.

Sales expert Sales expert skills

If you intend to buy a professional sales software for your organization, in order to choose the sales accounting software smartly, be sure to visit the Arian System website at to get more complete information about the Arian System sales accounting software and smartly to choose the right software for your organization. You can also call 021-43027 for a free consultation from the sales experts at Ariane.

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