Sarmady: People in remote cities have problems at work

Assad’s representatives in the Islamic Consultative Assembly say that in areas like Assadabad, which is a remote city and whose people suffer from problems in terms of income level and employment rate, there are inherent problems that we have not yet reached. Solve the reliability coefficient of people’s difficulties.

In an interview with reporters, Kiomars Sarmady Valley said about the shortcomings of his administration due to the presence of representatives during the Nowruz holiday: “In general, the problems of people across the country, including youth unemployment, are many, one is that people have problems.” Given the level of income and employment rates, these problems naturally exist and are still very important with the efforts of the government and parliament.

He said, “This year the government has invested in both the abundance and availability of commodity controls, and it is appropriate to note that in discussing price control people, they have not encountered staggering prices for basic commodities.” This is a commendable task, and it is a joint task considered by the Governing Bodies.

“Fortunately, this year, due to the decline in the issue of coronary heart disease, the discussion of the market, the activity and dynamics of people, and the Eid trips and Eid trips” were very different during the past two years,” said a member of the Social Committee of the Islamic Consultative Assembly. In the past two years, they did not have a mentality.

“Because of the problems that need more attention, they are naturally present in constituencies,” Sarmady Valley added.

Regarding the provinces’ trips and the president’s achievements, MP Asadabad said: “From our complaints about the president and the government team, that they have not traveled to Hamedan province and the city of Asadabad so far, and we hope to see this tour in the fall.” It is a positive result for the people of the province.

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