Hope, Dialogue and Life; A night with Hadi Khaniki at the informants club

According to informants, tonight Pathy Khaniki with Dr.A distinguished professor of communication sciences and an Iranian cultural figure, the caption for this photo states: Hope, conversation, lifeIt will be held on Wednesday, May 11, 1401 at 9 pm in the club.
The event will be attended by Dr. Khaneke’s House of Informants Club, friends, lovers, students, and scientific, cultural and social personalities.

List of distinguished guests for this club:
Reda Douri Ardakani, Dr. Mahdi Mohsenian Rad, Dr. Muhammad Mahdi Forghani, d. Abdullah Jevian, d. Hassan Namakdost, Professor Syed Muhammad Kazem Baznordi, Dr. Hossam El-Din We lived, Dr. Mahmoud, Behnoud, d. doctor. Imad Avrov, d. Dr.. Majed Severnia d. Gholam Reda Jirivan d. Infallible innovation. Muhammad Asadi, Hojjat al-Islam Syed Muhammad Ali Abtahi, engineer Mahdi Firozan, d. Saeed Shariati, Dr. Ali Asghar Sherdoust and Masha Allah Shams and Dr.
It is worth noting that some of these people who are not members of the club participate in this ceremony via voice messages.

hope, conversation, life;  A night with Khani Khani at the home of the News Online Club

Presentation of Dr. Hadi Khaniki
Hadi Khaniki was born in 1330 in the village of Khanik in the city of Junabad. He received his Ph.D. in Communication Sciences from Allameh Tabatabai University, and wrote several books in his autobiography.
It was chaired by Syed Muhammad Ghatami, Adviser to the President in Media and Press and Adviser to the President for Cultural Affairs. Khaniki was the editor-in-chief of the magazines “Ain” and “Ain Jovet”, which were banned in 2011. During his tenure as Deputy Minister of Culture and Social Affairs at the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, he was the founder of student cultural, social and artistic centers in universities.
The following list can be mentioned in his writings in the field of authorship, translation and research:
– Social Factors in the Underdeveloped Press in Iran”, (Master’s thesis), the country’s highest thesis in the Department of Humanities (1375).
“Dialogue of Civilizations and International Relations, A Study of the Subject and Mental Fields in the Three Lost Decades of the Twentieth Century”, (PhD thesis), online 2002.
– Power, Civil Society and the Press, “Tehran: Tar Number, 2002 (Year Book in the Department of Social Sciences, 2004).
A Conversation on Conceptual and Theoretical Foundations of Civilizations (Book with Dr. Hossein Bashiri, Dr. Ali Paya, Dr. Bahram Direct, Dr. Humira Moushirzadeh), Tehran University Press, 2005.
– In the world of dialogue (book), Tehran, Hermes Publications (2008 and second edition 1392).
Dimensions of Islamic Urban Life (search with others)
– The identity of citizenship and civil life in Tehran (research with others) 1995.
– Media and political trust (search with others).
Higher Education Image (My Research), 1996, in six Iranian newspapers.
– New Methods of Analyzing Communication Messages (Search), 1997 How does the seventh presidential election in Iran reflect in Farsi-speaking news magazines abroad.
– Translating part of the book “Economic Development in the Past and Present” by Rizarote Gil, 1984.
Translation of “Artwork in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” by Walter Benjamin, 1992.
– Translation of “In Case of Critical Inclinations” by Howe Hart 1995.
– Translation of “Communication and Development”, Majid Tehranian, 1996.
Translation of “Mass Media and Democracy: A Rethink”, James Quran, 1997.
16. Political Dialogue and Thought (Chapter Ten).
Lexington, USA, 2007
Design and supervision of the “Oral History of Higher Education in Iran” project (Knowledge Office) (2015-2016)
– “The reality of women in the press and women’s press in Iran”, a report on the social situation of women in Iran, published by TI, 1394.

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