All our teachers – informants

1. However, they are respected and their work is difficult. But if a man thirsts for knowledge, he can know, whether he is a human being or all other beings. If he is eager to learn, he will learn from the doors and walls of this world. If there is a thirst for knowledge, a crush for knowledge, a thirst for knowledge, there are many teachers who talk to and teach people. If he wanted to learn, even an ant would teach him a great lesson. As Timurlong learned.
In history we read:
After the Great War, Timur Lang roamed the desert and took refuge in the ruins to escape the enemy. Resting in the corner of the destroyed wall, he saw an old cow trying to climb the wall with its mouth open. As for wheat, it was heavier than an ant, and every time a grain fell from its mouth. But every time the ant descends, it picks up the seed and tries again. This happened dozens of times and the ant finally managed to nest the wheat. Meanwhile, the lost general found the elephant’s indomitable resolve and declared to himself, “You are nothing less than an ant!” So he did not give up until he reached his goal and fought with his opponents for six years and fought fiercely and was able to overcome them all and dominate beyond the river.

It doesn’t matter if the story is historical or not. This is a story everyone remembers: You know where you want to go.

In the words of Rumi:
The medicine goes wherever there is pain
Poor Noah goes everywhere

Wherever the problem appears, the answer goes
Water flows wherever the ship is

Get thirsty barley juice
Boil the water from top to bottom

‘Nature’, ‘history’ and ‘experience’ are the three masters of man. These three teachers do not present their teaching in different ways, but based on linguistic assumptions. But what do you do with these teachers? We crush and plunder “nature”. We only extract hate and hatred or pride and arrogance from the mine of “history” and ultimately ignore all human experiences and even our own.

2. Who is the student teacher?
Today, teachers understand the room better than anyone else, and the lack of enthusiasm, lack of students, and thirst for the classroom and the process of teaching and learning have slowed. Most importantly, they are the ones facing the most Ferrari mood in the class. Cold hearts that run away from science and knowledge make their science bitter and they can do nothing.
We haven’t given much thought to why interest in learning is so alarmingly waning. And what is the reason or reason?
The reason for the most bizarre process is now generally known as the organization of formal education (schools, universities and related structures). Of course, many responsibilities fall on the shoulders of official structures and government institutions, but did we pay attention to the role of the family institution in sterilizing children’s morale?

How do teachers heat the stove when their client doesn’t want anything from them? How can she communicate with barren minds eager to learn but eager to learn? This is where the role of family comes into play. Do families eagerly send their children to the classroom to learn science? Is the land of their minds ready to sow the seeds of science and knowledge? What is the students’ attitude towards knowledge, and where and by whom did they come to this position?

When families are like temples of cold and hot fire, when the light of a book is lit, children never read their parents, children never engage in family conversation about science and science, and finally when science is knowledge and not knowledge. It’s respected in families, so students (like these sterilizing garden products) have an inner openness to knowledge, and why should they expect so much interest in science? Sometimes the situation becomes even more alarming, when families suppress the attitude of questioning children and destroy their desire to get to know them.

Think about students’ resistance to learning. The question is why science and science are practically useless on this planet?

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