Show light and reduce casualties in earthquakes

The last major earthquake in Tehran and its suburbs occurred 3 years ago, 3 years ago, which is much shorter than 4 years (based on historical earthquakes in this region) and the probability of a major earthquake in Tehran. Big 2000 is closer to us than ever due to the computational deadlines of the year 2000? Be careful what I say show!

It should be noted that the worst time to be surprised by any human or natural crisis is the time of neglect and oblivion, and if I am not mistaken, we are currently in this period with regard to earthquakes in the country. ! Forget the sights and memories of the earthquake of Kurdistan, Bam and Rudbar, and even the short shocks from the two earthquakes that struck Tehran in recent years, and live in a time of denial! Forgetting is a great blessing that God has set in the human system, but in some cases He does not allow this forgetting!

Natural and man-made disasters are considered natural on Earth and occur from time to time due to the structure of the Earth or human activities and there is currently no way to prevent their occurrence. The only way is to know exactly what the events are and how they happen and then design systems to treat them as critical phenomena!

In this regard, in the country, especially in Tehran, where city officials talk about unsanitary conditions in seismic response programs, city officials talk about the project or related earthquakes immediately after a few days. city! Of course, I’ve always heard a lot about this stuff over the past 30 years, but I’ve never seen anything so special as its production! Yes, the least expensive problems of urban redevelopment and infrastructure that are mentioned in whole or in part!

In this regard, programs and measures can be taken to reduce the impact on the landscape and, most importantly, reduce human losses and thus reduce costs associated with a series of activities incurred by the city and people. My Father! One of the most important measures in this category is the use of facade lighting in place of stone and heavy facades, glass and, more recently, fire facade. We know that fires are the main cause of human casualties after earthquakes due to earthquakes and gasification in the city we know, and we still allow such scenes! Stock interchangeable with headlights in case of 5 year plan need repair and refurbishment! So if we really want to reduce the negative economic and life effects of the earthquake! B!

Now, the first step is to look at the facades of the new buildings, which should look like this:

3- style

3- Fire protection

3- Remove the glass

The facade must be modified to reduce costs along with the repair of existing buildings with any major repairs and construction procedures! In this regard, the municipality should consider incentives for such actions, including reducing fees.

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Reducing human losses in light of sight and earthquakes

Reducing human losses in light of sight and earthquakes

Reducing human losses in light of sight and earthquakes

Reducing human losses in light of sight and earthquakes

Reducing human losses in light of sight and earthquakes

Reducing human losses in light of sight and earthquakes

Other issues and conditions, God willing, if I have my age, I will return to the situation step by step, there is no excuse for not paying attention to the great danger in Iran!

* Exemplary Professor of Structural Engineering, Earthquake and Crisis Management, Founder of Resilience and Crisis Management in Iran and founder of the Association of City Wise Men.

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