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According to a reporter on the Internet, the chain break of Dehdasht is a problem that has been plaguing the city of Dehdasht for many years. It has been engaged in repairing these out-of-circuit pipes every year.

As for part of the water distribution network in Koceloye City, after hundreds of cracking and digging of canals and media follow-up, finally, the county water and sewage system has started the work of replacing part of these pipes in Park Jungli Street by allocating ten billion credits.

But in the most recent rupture of this city, due to the 4-magnitude earthquake, which had a main focus about 20 km from the city of Dehdasht, the water distribution network was broken in 16 sub-points. Certainly, if the city of Dehdasht experiences a stronger push in the summer season, it will face an acute water shortage crisis.

The old wound exposed by the earthquake

The old wound opened by the earthquake has turned into a dilemma for the citizens.

In this regard, during a night visit to these fractures, Governor Kogiloye added in a conversation with an online reporter: Of the total 100% of the city’s water distribution network, 52% are low-quality cement and asbestos pipes, which are sometimes more than 40 years old.

Mr. Abdulaziz Mousavi, referring to the 200 kilometers of water distribution pipes in the city of Dehdasht, said: 145 kilometers of pipes of asbestos and low-quality metal are out of order.

He expressed his concern about the explosion of pipes in the city of Dahdasht in 16 of these branches, and said: If we face an earthquake or more serious aftershocks, the city will face a serious crisis.

Mousavi considered the fracture in the summer season to be very troublesome and expressed this: While we are on New Year’s Eve and also the decade of dawn, excavations must be collected, but we had to excavate many of the main streets of the city because of these fractures.

He said: In addition to the seriousness of this amount of excavations for people and cars at this time of night, they will give the city a very ugly face on the eve of Nowruz.

Breaking the water supply network in Dehdasht / an old wound that opened due to the earthquake

Referring to the working conditions, rights and benefits of the workers, Governor Kugilweh said, “The workers have been trying to find broken places and repair them in the mud since the night and the bitter cold from last night until now.”

Mousavi said, referring to the governor and provincial officials: The trustees should seek credit from the Ministry of Interior to modernize this distribution network.

Referring to the endeavors and sympathy of the Kohgiloye Governor and Boyer Ahmed in discussing the replacement and repair of the water systems of more than hundreds of villages with a loan of more than hundreds of billions of tomans, the Kohgiloye Governor added: He accepted the challenge and crisis of Kohgiloye to replace the city’s drinking water network. A basic plan should also be considered.

break in 16 points

The head of the Water and Sewerage Company in Dehdasht said in an interview with a reporter via the Internet: The asbestos pipes in the water distribution network in Dehdasht were destroyed in four places due to yesterday’s earthquake.

Qalandar Habibi listed the number of fractures reported in Dahdasht as 16 points and said: Fractures range from 3 inches to 21 inches.

Habibi pointed out that the asbestos pipes are very old, and these pipes are out of order, and there is no factory that produces these pipes.

The head of the Dahdasht Water and Wastewater Company praised the governor of Kogeloy, Hilal Hamar, and the diligent workers in the water and sanitation of the city, and said: I hope that the authorities of the province and the city will work to reduce the concerns of the people of Kogeloy about water. Cuts off in summer and winter by allocating money to replace asbestos pipes.

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