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“Watching Amir Hossein Sadeghi’s interview and his insulting words directed at textile coach, the naked world of retired football stars”.

According to informants, in a note The third exercise The leading doctor writes: Whatever tone we’ve heard before in the post-final confrontation between aluminum and textile clubs, Sadeghi’s insistence on Mohamed Nawazi’s impressive record and its comparison to the past is inspiring. The national team for several years

But the main point (for example) is the dreams of a famous but retired player whose footballing career somehow ended. The same is true for Muhammad Nawazi, who worked as a coach in some positions, but this field is not like the era of acting, which can only be improved with the ball with his innate abilities, strength and talent.

Coaching is a new form of soccer that’s not so much about acting. Breathing in that space can make you a better coach, which is a different area, so when it comes to coaches, archive past records and right hand streaks. Because the topic has changed and moved to a new field.

Saket Elhamy, who won two titles in three years and returned to training last year after saving the javelin, has been training for nearly two decades. What jobs and what problems hopefully a step forward. Waiting for Omar al-Iman after the help of Karimi, Hazazi, and Samad and training at Etka and Café; Until one day, Muhammed Reza Zanuzi believes he can make Rasoul al-Khatibi’s assistant in the car a tractor trainer. The decision to reach the cup and win the stakes Although the bankrupt Denizli team did not return, he was able to put his name as head coach for the first time and end his long and annoying wait.

Therefore, even if a successful coach does not embrace the ball, this does not mean that he cannot compete with the retired footballer in his new job. Of course, the history of devotion, hospitality, etc., is wonderful, but it should not be used to become a club for the deaf and to attack people who now occupy a more important and important position.

Of course, it’s not just about inspiring, and it’s been said many times that coaches who don’t have much of a history with the club have flirted with this wand. His example in this year’s league is no less than Majid Jalali and Bahman Frutan. That his good work and success does not lie with the former footballers, and in such cases, it is time to remind the past of who you are and who we are …

As usual, they’re still looking for the first title and focusing the light on themselves, but with some memories, they can turn their sights on other people.

I wanted to write about this for a long time, but it remains to this day, and this strange video of Amir Hossein Sadeghi did not surprise me. In Europe, the phenomenon of sake or sari can be met with expressions of contempt and suspicion about their conquests. Judging the background of jealousy for a situation does not have much to do. Based on this look at famous retired footballers: We are our football.

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