“Dollars” for those? – Informants

The white team now has two Tajik players, Vahid Hananov and Manusher Safarov, and, of course, Sharjid Tamirov from Uzbekistan. None of these three players acted in a way that would convince the fans or make them feel that there is no such example in the country. * Under these economic conditions and with all this debt, should you spend the “dollars” to attract these?

According to informants, this newspaper economist Worldwide, spending on attracting foreign players is equally justified; The sucker nut is above the country player standard and can be used at a reasonable cost. Of course, foreign players will play for Persepolis this season: the white team currently has two Tajik players, Vahid Hananov and Manusher Sarov, and, of course, Shargd Tamirov from Uzbekistan, so do they have to spend “dollars”?

Buy one and get two!

There was serious ambiguity from the start about the Tajik Persepolis players. How did the coaching staff in Persepolis accidentally like the Tajik team’s players and buy them both? You can love any player on a team around the world and try to transfer it, but hiring two players at the same time can be a bit intimidating and annoying to the old “buy one, buy two” formula. Usually when making such purchases, a maximum of one or two players will be effective, but their Administrator will make the transfer conditional on the simultaneous purchase of players. It is also very rare for such transfers to be successful. We have many historical examples in Persepolis. During the Bronco’s tenure, two Ukrainian players, Blansky and Primov, were recruited, neither of which was useful, creating a whole fringe. In the early eighties, during the training of Ali Parvin, the two Panamanian players came to Persepolis together, but they were also useless. Also during the first reign of Mohamed Hassan Ansafarard in Persepolis, two Syrian players, Ziad Shabo and Tariq Jebban, wore red shirts that are still useless. This is what happened to the Tajik players in the team. Manouchehr Seferov soon showed that he is no different from the usual right-back in the Premier League. The great rift in the alliance against oil and aluminum at Abaddon may have changed the fate of Persepolis in Cobain.

Do we not have Tamirov in Iran?

Sherzad Tamirov played five matches in the Persepolis attack and the team has yet to score a goal. Of course he runs a lot, fights and presses, but he has not shown what he should be in terms of personal and offensive skills. Charged made good moves in the first minutes of the Naft Persepolis match in Abadan and was corrected with the same slight brilliance in the Tehran derby and beyond, but his condition really didn’t cost him any transfer (no number justified). Could the Iranian attackers really be Tamirov? What does he have more than Mahdi Abdi or Hamid Bakdel?

Trust the youth

Perhaps Uzbekistan’s Tamirov will start scoring this week or, with Hinanov, build the future of Persepolis’ defense. This is the most optimistic picture we can get of them, but the question again is why not give hope to young people and Persepolis for such an opportunity to trial and error, to experiment, to improve and to mature? Why do foreigners have right and wrong but not Iranian youth?

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