Don’t be fooled. Cold means corona

He said, “Unfortunately, the number of hospitalization cases due to Corona in Golestan increased and reached 344 people, of whom 48 were transferred to the hospital in the intensive care unit.” Muhammad Mahdi Zargaran said this evening (Sunday, August 18), in an interview with journalists. And 24 people were hospitalized in Golestan and a ventilator was connected, and the number of red cities increased compared to last week, and currently 10 cities in Golestan province are in the case of red corona.

He stated that an emergency meeting of Corona headquarters was held in Golestan Governorate yesterday, and he added: In this meeting, the details of the mourning of Hussein were announced in the cities of red, yellow and orange, and on the basis of it the condolences of His Holiness. The master of martyrs (peace be upon him) was arrested. It was announced in the cities of Sarkh al-Shuhada (peace be upon him). 30% of the capacity will be in orange cities with 50% capacity and yellow cities with 70% capacity.

The deputy official of the Lestan University of Medical Sciences stated that the maximum time for holding the Hosseini funeral ceremony is 60 minutes, based on the approval of the Corona headquarters, and said: I advise mourners to observe social distance while participating in the ceremony. mask

Zargaran pointed out: During the outbreak of the Corona virus, religious institutions and mosques received more support and cooperation with the medical staff.

He said that people should consider any symptoms of a cold as a sign of corona infection, reminding: the cold season is not to witness the autumn and summer colds, and fortunately, the lung involvement in the new corona strain is becoming less and more. At the time, it included the upper respiratory tract.

The deputy official of Golestan University of Medical Sciences asked for a reminder dose for people who have passed 6 months since the last dose of the vaccine and stressed that the new sub-strain of Corona can appear in the form of symptoms of colds and be accompanied by symptoms in the digestive system. . But right now, any cold symptoms in this pandemic mean he has the coronavirus.

Zargran considered that Corona is a type of virus that escapes from the immune system and said: Since the injection of the Corona vaccine does not provide permanent immunity, I assure that the booster dose must be given every 6 months. Determines safety after infection with the Corona virus.

I have to say; At present, the cities of Ag Kala, Bandargaz, Bandar Turkman, Aliabadktul, Kurdkoy, Kaleh, Galicesh, Gorgan, Jameshan and Minodasht are located in Sark Province, and the cities of Azadshahr, Konbadkavos and Maravitepe. Orange and yellow Raman in corona conditions.


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