Pride overturned in Galicash axis, leaving 5 injured

Detectives / Golestan The head of the Red Crescent in Minodasht and the Galicish Galicish community informed about the Pride’s car overturning in the Kalala axis.

Muhammad Reza Steri from the Red Crescent Operations Control and Coordination Center in Golestan received the accident report at 16:10 pm today and said: This accident is a Pride car overturning accident. In stigma towards the Galicash axis.

He explained that the exact location of the accident in the village of Kos is not yet known, and said: Our rescuers were immediately dispatched to the accident site in the form of a two-person team at the rescue and road rescue base at Qalala intersection.

The head of the Red Crescent Society of the cities of Minodasht and Kalala confirmed: that an ambulance of the Red Crescent Society was sent to the scene of the accident, and 5 people were injured in the accident, two of whom were taken to medical centers. . By the rescuers of the Red Crescent Society

And Steri continued, describing the injuries of these two people: A 36-year-old woman was taken to Rasul Akram (peace be upon him) hospital in Qalala due to injuries to the face and dizziness, and a 6-year-old boy was taken to the hospital with his head. and neck injuries. .

He explained that the other three injured were taken to hospital by emergency personnel, and said: We ask all our loved ones to pay due attention to traffic rules and regulations.

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