Red Crescent focus on practical and skills-oriented public education

On the sidelines of the meeting of senior managers of this society, the Director-General of Public Education of the Red Crescent Society said: “By adding and strengthening the practical workshops, we focused on skills training in the basic courses of public education, and now we are at the beginning of the road.” Travel

According to the informants and citing the Red Crescent Society’s database; Nawab Shambur, yesterday, on the sidelines of the meeting of senior managers and regional executives of this community, which was held in Mashhad; On the Red Crescent’s approach to promoting public education, he said: Theoretical education based on needs assessment and assessment is effective in increasing people’s readiness to deal with risks, but it is not sufficient. So in the first step we added a 4 hour practical workshop to the preparatory course for Hazard Preparedness, and from this month we proposed to add it to the previous 8 hour theory.

He considered repetition and practice a necessary condition for the training of the Red Crescent for individuals and said: After paying attention to practical training, it is time for training. The practice is in fact continuous hands-on training. We have focused this method in halal homes. Crescent homes are small training centers that prepare people for dangers in remote rural areas and less urbanized areas.

“Focusing on special target groups gives access to people,” Chambor said. “We focused on special target groups such as students, academics, soldiers, villagers and mayors.” Due to communication with a large number of people, both can learn on their own and quickly pass on the teachings to others.

The Director-General of Public Education of the Red Crescent called access to education 24 hours a day, seven days a week important for all people and said: After the Corona epidemic, the Khadimero online education system (ready family at risk) has done this. It is possible to have access to Education for All, and even today, 1.5 million people have already completed the courses and obtained a Certificate of Course Participation from this system after the online exam.

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