Sedavasima announces the Mobarake steel infringement case

After the publication of the investigation report of the Islamic Council Industries and Mines Authority regarding the violations of the Isfahan Mubaraka Steel Company, the public relations of Sedavasima published the details of the legal agreements of the past decade with the Isfahan Mubaraka Steel Company. Charges against Sedadosim.

According to the informants, citing Sedavasima’s public relations, this announcement read:

“like gold”.

During the past few days and after the publication of the report of the Industries and Mines Authority of the Islamic Council, unfounded claims and claims were made regarding the payment of 221 billion and 270 million riyals by Isfahan Mubaraka Iron Company to Sedavasim. These allegations are based on the final report of the investigation and investigation by the Committee on Industries and Mines into the performance of that company, a matter for which no detailed and expert investigation has been conducted, which has alarmed the public and the nation. The media. In this regard, public opinion is drawn to the issue that the broadcasting organization has been several years since the conclusion of agreements to fulfill its legal obligations and to provide part of the budget required within the framework of current laws and regulations. In order to promote the goods, services and activities of economic enterprises with them, the Mubarakah Steel Company of Isfahan is subject, like other economic enterprises, and since 2010, in accordance with the laws, has signed a contract with the national broadcasting media. Advertising according to the law for the account of the entire state treasury. The Ministry of Economy and Finance announced its filing. In order to inform the public, Sedavsima publishes the details of these payments as follows:

Sedavasim announces infringement case of Mobarake Steel

We would like to remind you once again that all invoices are issued and delivered on time, and Mobarakeh Steel Company in Isfahan has been providing its advertisements continuously since the past years. While Sedavsima clearly announces the details of these contracts and the resulting amounts, it believes that the name of this organization was mentioned in a reflection of the report of the Industries and Mines Authority, without detailed and expert review.

Therefore, the broadcaster reserves the right to legally pursue the matter.

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