“External Lesson” by Ayatollah Raisi – two informants

“10 years ago, Ayatollah Raisi warned that the misuse of various interpretations of the words in the JCPOA by enemies would be costly to the country’s collective interests.”

According to the informants, the media activist Kamal Lutfi, in a note in the newspaper Iran He wrote: “In the field of diplomacy, words and their uses are important, and after the conclusion of the agreement, all discussions take place on the agreed framework; in negotiations, the negotiating table is not considered, but the text of the negotiations is discussed. By the enemies of the Islamic Revolution who are in a hostile position. For our loved ones in the field of diplomacy as an experience after the revolution, I would like to remind you of the text of the Algerian agreement. The word “nationality” was mentioned in the text of the Algerian agreement. We do not recognize dual nationality in our legal system, but in the international legal system or countries Like America and Europe, dual citizenship is recognized; this means that a person who has Iranian citizenship can also obtain American or Canadian citizenship. The word dual citizenship that can be removed has been misused and misinterpreted so that what we mean by dual citizenship is the citizenship that we give ourselves, and this has caused Many counter-revolutionary people whose property was confiscated after the revolution… filed a lawsuit against the Islamic Republic in The Hague Court and took billions of the Islamic Republic’s money in the banks by the judgment of this court and only because of the word of citizenship.”

This historic warning is part of the words of the then first deputy of the judiciary, Dr. “Syed Ibrahim Raisi”, before the Friday prayer sermons in Tehran on December 22, 1392, that is, a few days after the Geneva Interim Agreement on Iran’s nuclear program.

The significance of this historical warning at the time was compounded by the fact that the government at that time, first of all, due to the heavy investment in the Western foreign policy project and in a way that gambled its reputation on the issue of nuclear negotiations, used all its power inside and outside the country to carry out heavy propaganda brought to the field. By means of the network of psychological processes, and secondly, the passage of time has proven to be the most important gap abuse of the other parties to not meet. Their obligations in the nuclear deal were to exploit different interpretations of the text of the agreement. A review of the previous government’s record shows that the priority of previous diplomacy was to organize and redefine the Islamic Republic of Iran’s relations with the world, and the world was summed up from Rouhani and Zarif’s point of view towards America and Europe, conducting nuclear negotiations and forming the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action with it, and finally Rouhani’s foreign policy, turned into JCPOA diplomacy in all dimensions and functions.

The destruction of the primitive policies of the country’s executive officials in the 1990s and their incompetence in sacrificing national interests and destroying people’s lives caused a heavy cost from the pockets of the Iranian nation to train former statesmen. This spending deflected Hassan Rouhani after years of claiming that “optimism in the world of politics or pessimism does not mean much and we must be realistic” (May 10, 2014 in a TV interview) and saying “optimism about the JCPOA means optimism about the great powers.” “We are optimistic about the JCPOA and pessimistic about America.” (December 24, 2016) And what expenses were spent from the pockets of the Iranian people, so that Mr. Rouhani would understand that optimism and pessimism have meaning in the world of politics!

Perhaps it is possible to introduce the policies of Rouhani and Zarif in the 8 years 1400-1392 in the foreign field, which is a mixture of “the policy of soliciting the attention of Westerners” with a lot of “ignorance” and “confusion”, in addition to making the nuclear file more complicated, making the situation The country in the more chaotic relations with other countries in various fields. The low level of relations with neighboring countries, and ignoring the friendship of friendly countries in the conditions of the difficult blockade period, in order to satisfy the European and American governments, and not using the various capabilities of neighboring and African countries, etc., to expand the scope of trade and economic scope, etc., is only part of the damage, and it has This kind of politics and beginners’ view of diplomacy caused endless damage. But in the past 20 months, Ayatollah Raisi’s biography has shown him to be a pragmatic man, unlike his predecessor, who mostly used titles like “faqih” and “sheikh diplomat” to deliver sermons.

Ayatollah Raisi, who entered the field with a deep and nuanced understanding, realized that a successful foreign policy required strategic planning, political will and the art of creating opportunities above all. From the beginning, by activating and linking a series of multiple ministries in various fields, relying on revolutionary principles and taking into account national interests, those who claim to know the language of the world have taught that diplomacy does not mean compromise and retreat, but the art and ability to peacefully exercise power in the international system in favor of collective interests to the people.

Opening the door to importing vaccines at the height of the Corona crisis in the shortest possible time and eradicating this disgraceful virus that has claimed the lives of nearly 700 of our dear compatriots every day was the solid first step of the thirteenth government to show the new measure of the existing government in the field of diplomacy.

Membership in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, the conclusion of 147 memorandums of understanding on cooperation in foreign trips, the establishment of various markets for the purchase of oil, a double increase in oil sales, the receipt of currency in exchange for oil sold, the agreement with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the beginning of the contract. The process of establishing relations with Egypt After several decades, foreign investment reached more than five billion dollars, a significant increase in Iranian trade and economic interactions with various countries from 100 to 400 percent, zero 87 million barrels of condensate in the sea, and the start of the process of implementing comprehensive agreements Long-term cooperation with Russia and China, and the start of the construction of the Rasht-Astara railway with Russian investments. The passage of the first train of the railway corridor (Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran – Turkey), the gas agreement with Turkmenistan, and the re-establishment of a gas exchange. A diplomatic victory in the United Nations, by winning the presidency of the Social Assembly of the Human Rights Council and the rapporteur of the United Nations Disarmament Committee, despite its intense imposition. The pressure and great intrigues of the enemies of the Iranian people in the international arena after the riots in the fall of 1401 and … are only part of the tangible and real achievements of the foreign policy of the thirteenth government under Ayatollah Raisi.

Now, these successes achieved in less than two years can be compared to the previous begging diplomacy and the increasing pressure on the Iranian people after a series of negative measures, appeasement and withdrawal of Iranian rights. 10 years ago, Ayatollah Raisi warned that the misuse of various interpretations of the words in the JCPOA by enemies would be costly to the country’s collective interests, and it was later revealed that the inappropriate use of the word “suspension” instead. “Repealing sanctions” achieved “almost nothing” during that era, it saw implementation of the JCPOA for Iran, and soon after, with the US withdrawing from the agreement and using loopholes in the JCPOA, that agreement was reduced to “nothing at all.” launch”. Now, the lesson of Ayatollah Kahar taught all the claimants that the world is not limited to a few Western countries, and the agreement and increase of interactions should not be limited to relations with the blue-eyed part of the world, but what is original is the provision of national interests under the exploitation of opportunities, It is global. That is why the thirteenth government did not close the door to negotiation and agreement with Western countries in the case of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, but by closing all windows of influence and multiple interpretations of the potential agreement that the Americans were trying to use. It was an opportunity to abuse the destructive mechanism of the trigger, as well as renew the ill will. To get them themselves, he didn’t allow himself to doubt.

We can certainly say that the transformation of the JCPOA issue from a vital issue for people’s livelihood into a secondary one, as well as focusing on other global capabilities, has been the most important lesson for the Ayatollah in the past twenty months, of which the members have been. You should learn “diplomatic pleading” in a teaching class.

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