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According to internet reporters, Baitullah will hold a meeting on Friday at the city’s Employment and Investment Working Group. Resin He said that more than 1.5 million people in the country are currently covered by social insurance funds for farmers, villagers and nomads, adding that this insurance includes more than two million passive insurance companies.

“We are trying to increase the insurance penetration rate in the country,” he said, adding that the goal this year is to increase one million insurance companies.

“Currently, more than 150,000 retirees receive monthly pensions from the Farmers, Villagers and Bedouin Social Insurance Fund,” said the Director of the Rural Farmers and Bedouin Social Insurance Fund.

The institution added: “We are trying to increase the spread of this insurance in the country and more people will benefit from its services, and achieving this important matter requires cooperation and interaction of all.” Hardware It is a race.

this officer, Resin This city is a high capacity city that needs more attention. “We are trying to invest from the investment capacity of farmers and villagers and the Bedouin Social Insurance Fund for this city,” he said.

Hamadan Province is implicated in wrong statistics

“This year, good facilities have been paid to create job opportunities and support knowledge-based businesses,” said the director of Hamedan Labor and Welfare Cooperative. this year Rural Development Fee and Notes 16 and 18 are paid to applicants in the form of a home business.

“Last year, a unit for employment facilities was announced, which will be closed this year. This unit.”

He said, “Today, the governorate is implicated in incorrect statistics.” Oh .. you Due to the lack of statistics, some job opportunities in the county are poorly allocated.

Al-Shabani pointed out: There are many employment projects in the governorate that need to attract investors in these projects.

I have to say; In this working group, the pension for these two is covered by the farmers’ social insurance the villagers and the Bedouins to give Tighten

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