The end of crude oil sales after the production of the first shipment of cathode copper in Songwon

About three weeks ago, the first shipment of copper cathodes was produced at the Songun complex; Accordingly, the biggest step was taken in the 13th government’s promise to prevent crude oil sales.

According to informants, in June last year the president issued special orders for the development of the Songun Copper Complex during his trip to East Azerbaijan Province. In this way, the capacity of the copper cathode plant will increase from the current 200,000 tons to 400,000 tons, and the fourth phase, with a production capacity of 250,000 tons of copper concentrate per year, will increase to 1 million tons of copper concentrate per year; He also approved the establishment of a copper industrial city for the later copper industries in Ahar, Warzgan and Marand, and the independence of Kuber Sungun as one of the exclusive enterprises in East Azerbaijan.

The chief also promised during this trip that in June 1402, the production of copper cathode would be put into operation by washing the hip.

Then, it was on the Internet last month that the director of the Songun copper complex, while pointing out the specific target of producing 400,000 tons of cathodes in Songun copper, stated: With the development of the Songun copper complex, employment will be created for 40,000 people.

Then, in line with the president’s promise, on May 24 this year, a plan Production of a copper cathode by the hip washing method The acid attack began at the Songon copper complex in the city of Varzeghan in eastern Azerbaijan; In this way, the annual production capacity of 3,000 tons of copper cathode has been anticipated and targeted.

Finally, Songon Copper Refining Project is the first hip valley project in Iran and one of the three hip projects in the world; In order to complete the value chain of Iran’s copper industry, the Songun mound filtration project has started its engineering operations since 2017. This project will continue its operation with an annual production of 3,300 tons of cathodes and will bring about 1,500 billion tomans of wealth and value to the country.

The end of crude oil sales after the production of the first shipment of cathode copper in Songwon

It is worth noting that with the realization of the production of the first batch of cathode copper in the Songun copper complex, the promise to prevent sales of crude oil from copper mines will also be fulfilled in the thirteenth government.

In the year 1400, the governor of East Azerbaijan stressed that the purpose of preventing crude oil sales and meeting the demands of the people is for the province to benefit from the energy of this mine, and plans to develop the Songun and Farzegan copper complex in the cathode and concentration sectors, initiating and implementing the very important cathode production project by the Khatam al-Anbiya construction site (R) to be put on the agenda and in the Songun copper cathode production project to finish the sale of ore acceleration He is

Recently, the CEO of the National Iranian Copper Industries Company, referring to the implementation of the copper cathode production project for hip filtering in the Songun Copper Complex, said: “This project was implemented with round-the-clock efforts.” In fact, there has been a nearly threefold increase in production. For this project, more than 1000 billion tomans have been invested and 3000 tons of copper cathode will be produced for the first time in East Azerbaijan, which is one of the long-standing dreams of this province.

It is reported that last year, 285,000 tons of cathode copper were produced in the country; During the last decade (from 1390 to 401), the production of copper cathodes increased from 235,000 tons to 300,000 tons, which shows that during this period we could not even add 100,000 tons to the production of the copper company; However, the necessary plans were made so that in 1406 the production of copper cathodes would increase to 1 million tons.

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