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Mehdi Rajabzadeh said at a press conference with journalists on Monday evening in response to a question by an online reporter: I did not come to separate from this team and I am trying to get better results by reviving the team.

He continued, “I left the Qashqai football team for various reasons, and this separation was beneficial for both of them, but the conditions that existed in Qashqai would not be prepared for Fajr Shahid Sebasi Shiraz’s team.”

Rajabzadeh confirmed: It is still too early to say that Al-Fajr will rise from League 1, but we are trying to achieve good results with the team. He is looking for the right to football.

He went on to explain: The reason that can be mentioned as a factor for his promotion is the popular football and the talented youth who are in the province and the country and are very interested in participating in the Dawn Contract, so the appropriate conditions must be created for this. Help must be provided to these young people. The team at the right time

And about the possibility of promoting Fajr Sebasi at the end of next season, he said: Of course all our efforts are to do so, but I did not make such a promise. no will bring I think anyone who makes such a promise does not have the necessary experience and does not understand the conditions of the team, the only thing I can say is that we are definitely a cohesive, disciplined, capable team and a fierce competitor to all competitors. Let us always stand as a serious contender for promotion.

Regarding the transfer situation of this team, he said: Fortunately, the club management cooperated with us and all the players we presented were assigned to the club.

The coach of Fajr Shahid Sebasi Shiraz football team said: The Fajr Shahid Sebasi Shiraz football team has a debt on the shoulders of football in the country and everyone in this team should respect this team, but Fajr Shahid Sebasi Shiraz is special. . Oh .. you This is me and I try to respect this team, it’s a popular and supportive team.

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