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Staff at the Chateau Laurier Hotel in Ottawa, Canada, on Friday found a historic photo from the hotel’s art collection leaning against a wall, revealing the theft of an important documentary photograph of Britain’s wartime prime minister. Wheatstone Churchill. It is not yet known when the photo was stolen, and the hotel is likely to offer a $5 million reward for its return, but no one is optimistic that the stolen work will be discovered any time soon.

Informers Plus – Fatima Karimkhan: This isn’t a fictional story about a Hollywood robbery, this story, although it sounds like a movie, did happen, and one of Winston Churchill’s most famous pictures was stolen from the wall of a Canadian hotel, the only thing. Does anyone know when this happened?

The missing photo dates back to 1941 and was taken by Youssef Karsh, one of the world’s leading photographers, when Churchill was in Canada to give a speech on the state of the world war. This picture of Churchill is known as the Horn of Wire and numerous copies have been published here and there. Everyone thought that the original photo, signed by the photographer, was in front of hundreds of visitors, along with four more photos of the same photographer, but recently a hotel employee who owned the photo realized that something was wrong.

Why does the frame tilt a little?

A hotel employee noticed that Churchill’s picture frame is slightly tilted and does not match the angle of the other pictures on the wall. Harry Field, who was hired to manage Mr. Karsh’s estate in 1979, asked the hotel to send in a photo of the business signature and discovered that the picture on the wall was a fake.

After it emerged that the hotel was missing one of its most important assets, it was time for someone to call the police, as all the hotel staff learned that the original artwork was last seen on the wall in July 2019. Since then, no one has been. It is certain that the photo on the wall is either an original photo or a fake that was installed on the wall after the theft and may have been installed by the thieves.

Hollywood Robbery!

Churchill’s portrait is known as the Samha Qur’an

If not, you are done!

It is clear from the appearance of this theft that it was so carefully planned that the artwork was often traded on the black market before the original owner reported its theft, and thus neither the original hotel nor the art collector is known. can be restored. To remove this effect or not. Michael Provost, president of the Ontario Historical Society, says it’s clear that Churchill’s portrait of a lion is not as valuable as it is. Of course, there is still room to rejoice because the negatives of this artwork are preserved in the National Archives of Canada, but in accordance with the wishes of the print artist, no further copies are allowed, and there are no originals. Found, except for Cher Qarn’s photos, the original photo does not appear on the hotel wall.

Karish’s famous portrait is in the same place where the photographer and his wife lived for 18 years, and Mr. Karish’s studio was located in the same hotel building until 1992, the hotel had a total of fifteen people. The works of Mr. Karish. Six of them hang in the main hall, including the famous portrait of Churchill.

After the theft was discovered at the hotel, his other business was moved to a safer location for better protection, and the hotel issued a statement of shame on him for stealing his famous work.

The portrait of Churchill was not the most important portrait of his works for the history of Canada, Britain, and the world. In addition to his famous portraits of Churchill, he also photographed Queen Elizabeth.

Portrait of the Precious Lion of Churchill for five pounds

Portrait of the Precious Lion of Churchill for five pounds

The picture was on a five pound note

Portrait photographer Youssef Karsh shows the exposure he created for Queen Elizabeth in this December 21, 1988 photo in her studio in Ottawa.

The portrait of Churchill by Sheeran Garan is valuable not only as an art heritage, but also because it was printed on a five-pound paper, a portrait of the Armenian-born photographer that suddenly propelled him to world fame.

One of the main points in the story of this photo recording is that Churchill did not want to take a picture during his tour of Canada, after insisting on his work, he agreed to stand in front of the camera to take only one photo. , he offered to take a picture and remove the cigarette from Churchill’s lips, which made Churchill smile and let him take two pictures.

Notes instead of pictures!

Now that the picture on the wall of the famous hotel that houses his artwork is clearly fake, the hotel has replaced the picture with a note on the wall explaining the story.

Hollywood Robbery!

After discovering that a picture of Churchill had been stolen from the wall, the hotel where Crush’s work was kept replaced the fake picture with a note about the theft of the work.

One way to return artwork to the hotel is to offer a reward that is equal to or greater than its monetary value. Provost says the hotel may be willing to offer a reward of up to C$5 million for the return of the work, but that since the work was taken by a collector, that number is unlikely to justify returning the image to its current guardian. .

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