Dream of getting rich overnight using the “wrong banknotes”

These days, if you’ve ever browsed social networks or malls and sales for new and used goods, it’s not likely that you’ve come across a series of advertisements or production content titled “Banknote Error.” But what is the error note? And why is it important?

Journalists Plus: ERROR in English means error and problem, and in definition, any error or error while printing or cutting banknotes that causes damage or uniqueness of that banknote compared to other printed items is called an error, and since the number of such typos is rare, cases The error has a high value.

In order to find answers to some questions about these types of banknotes, I went to the intersection of Tehran in Istanbul – the intersection of Ghumhri and Ferdowsi Streets; A place where many banknote sellers hang out in Tehran. I asked Mortada, who has been buying and selling banknotes for 20 years, about the types of errors. Confirming that there were “hundreds of error models”, Murtaza showed a banknote with differences in the numbers in the two serial numbers. Murtada, who spoke enthusiastically about these types of banknotes, continued his explanation, saying, “The more beautiful the error, the more valuable the error, and the better the customer.” I also asked Murtada about the type of customers for these types of banknotes, and he said: “The value of these banknotes is collectible. These types of banknotes have all kinds of customers, but most of them are collectors of banknotes, and people who buy these banknotes keep them in their personal albums.” This banknote seller also emphasized on the method of identifying errors of banknotes as fake that “It is easy for a technician to identify hand-damaged banknotes that are somewhat counterfeit, but many ordinary people make mistakes in identifying these types of notes cash. Banknotes and deception. This is why customers for these types of banknotes are limited and, as the saying goes, there are not many hands in this market.

The price of Eror banknotes is a matter of taste

Another question I asked about this sale of bill was about the number of buy and sell prices for error bills. “The buying and selling of these kinds of bills does not have an approved price, and it is a matter of taste,” he said, laughing. Of course, after joking, Murtaza said “10 years ago, I had a bundle – each bundle containing 100 banknotes – of 1,000 Tomans, and there was a mistake with one of the banknotes; this banknote had extra paper in such a way that in a very rare event Half of this banknote was printed and the other half was printed on paper the size of half a note; at that time I sold this bundle of 1,000 tomans to a collector for the amount of 1,350,000 tomans, and as I said the price of these notes is a matter of taste and the prices vary according to the type of error in the banknote.

Over the past years, the error rate has decreased dramatically

I asked Murtada what he thinks about the number of error notes in the market, and he said: “As a person who has been working in this field for about 20 years, I think that the error notes were too many; for example, until about 5 or 6 years ago, I received one error note per week, but in recent years such notes seem to have decreased significantly. Of course, I recently received some wrong banknotes, which relate to newly printed banknotes “; He then showed two bundles of newly printed 1,200 toman banknotes and said that “a few days ago, when I was checking these two bundles, one of the bundles had an error in the serial number and one of the other two bundles had extra paper.” .

There are error notes all over the world

Murtada also said about the existence of wrong banknotes in other countries that “these banknotes are found all over the world; but since the issuance of these banknotes is a problem for the system of issuing banknotes, governments in some countries buy these banknotes to prevent their distribution; however I’ve seen many foreign banknotes so far for example some time ago I saw some dollar bills wrongly devalued so that $10’s and $1’s were stuck together There are markets for these banknotes in other countries and if you’re browsing Internet, you will see advertisements for buying and selling banknotes in foreign stores.

This banknote seller believes that the reason for the increase in false banknote advertisements on the Internet is a “dream of getting rich overnight”; He says that “the error in a banknote is like working underground, and many people who enter this market with the intention of getting rich overnight are like the person who found a teaspoon of antiques one day and did not make a profit from selling them or even not, but for the rest of his life, He was thinking of finding an antique urn and getting rich overnight.” Mortaza’s advice at the end of this interview is that “You have to be a professional to buy a bug!” In this business, only bankers can make a profit, and the rest of the people are more likely to lose than to gain.

Types of errors in banknotes


One type of error in banknotes is associated with their signature; According to the monetary and banking code of the country adopted in 1351, there are two signatures on banknotes; One is signed by the Minister of Economy and Finance and the other by the Governor of the Central Bank. Sometimes the entry of these two signatures on the banknote has problems distinguishing it; Among these problems is the printing of two different signatures on two or more sheets of paper with consecutive numbers. Incomplete printing of two signatures or one of the two signatures on the banknote, with duplication of signatures on the banknote so that more than two signatures are included on the banknote, as well as inserting the signature in a place other than the specified one. Other cases that are considered signature errors.

Dream of getting rich overnight using

Example of a signature error


All banknotes printed in Iran – with the exception of the old design 10,000 rials and 5,000 rials – have a six-digit number in the upper left corner, which is also repeated in the lower right corner. (On the old 10,000 riyals and 5,000 riyals banknotes, this number is entered in the upper right corner and lower left corner). A fraction is also written behind this 6-digit number, and the combination of this fraction and the 6-digit number is the serial number of Iranian banknotes; The six-digit number starts at 000001 and ends at 999999, and the fraction behind the six-digit number starts from 1/1. The number 1 in the discounted state indicates that this banknote is part of the first 1,000,000 banknotes in that printing series. Also, for every 1 million units added as a discount.

Dream of getting rich overnight using

An example of a serial number error

Although it is always claimed that there is a very high accuracy in printing banknotes and such printing errors are also rare, sometimes errors also occur while entering the serial number on the banknotes. One such type of error is entering different numbers on the banknote; So that the two serial numbers entered on the banknote are not the same and there are differences in at least one of their numbers. Another difference between error-free banknotes and what are known as faulty banknotes due to a problem with the banknote’s serial number is the entry of more or less than two serial numbers on the banknote and the change in the journal of those numbers.

Dream of getting rich overnight using

An example of a filigree error


Glazes, also called watermarks, watermarks, or watermarks, are marks on the fields of banknotes that are not visible under normal circumstances, but can be seen if the banknote is exposed to sun or light. Essentially, the filigree of Iranian banknotes is a portrait of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him), the founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran; The word “Allah” and the image of Shahid Fahmidah are also printed as embossed on some banknotes. The presence of any defect in the perforations of a banknote turns it into a wrong banknote; Among these defects is the difference in the watermarks of the two folio sheets with the serial numbers of the same publication. In this way, the perforation of the 500 riyal banknote is a picture of the martyr Fahmah, and the mixing of the 500 riyal banknote with the next or previous serial number is another picture, or a picture of the martyr Fahmah, but it is not like that. It differs from the first banknote. Not printing filigree, printing it upside down, and printing this mark in the wrong place are also other printing defects in banknotes.

Dream of getting rich overnight using

Any mistake in cutting a banknote turns it into a wrong banknote

to cut

One of the steps in the banknote production process is cutting the paper; The stage that requires very high accuracy and any inaccuracy at this stage will cause defects in the banknotes; Defects that turn them into error notes. The cutting error of the banknote is that the dimensions of the banknote are not its standard size. For example, 100 toman banknotes with dimensions of 160 x 77 mm, 71 x 142 mm and 71 x 156 mm are currently being exchanged in people’s hands. In this type of banknote, any change in dimensions due to cutting during production makes it unique and puts it in the wrong banknote category. Also, another class of cutting defects is related to the non-cutting of banknotes, such that, in a bundle of money, several pieces of banknotes may be stuck together in any way; This sticking causes wrong banknotes to be placed if the non-cutting is caused by a cutting error.

extra paper

The folding of the banknote during the printing process or the presence of defects in the banknote will cause defects in the banknote; When these banknotes are far from the money printing control system and enter the country’s monetary circulation and circulate in the banknote market as banknotes with an additional paper error.

Dream of getting rich overnight using

An example of an extra paper error

printing press

Throughout history, every nation’s money has displayed images of powerful people, patriotic heroes, military leaders, founders, and conquerors, and this tradition has been preserved to this day. On Iranian banknotes, the image of Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) is mainly printed on the top of the banknote; And, of course, images of “Hassan Mudarres”, “Yazd Jame Mosque”, “Madrasa Faizieh”, “March” and “Friday Prayers” are among the other designs that were printed on the country’s banknotes. The reverse side of Iranian banknotes has always had images with Iranian and Islamic themes; “Islamic Council”, “Harem of Imam Reza (PBUH), “Sardar University of Tehran”, “Dome of the Rock”, “Kaaba”, “The Court of Hazrat Masoumeh (PBUH), “Ghul and Bulbul”, “Mount Damavand.” and “Map Iran”, “Al-Aqsa Mosque”, “Rector of the University of Tehran”, “Al-Saadi Shrine”, “Naqsh-e Jahan Square” and “Aghazadeh House (Abrakuh)” are among the images printed on the reverse of the Iranian currency notes. Any defect in the images printed on Each of the two sides of a banknote, especially the front part, as well as the difference in the color of these images, is called a printing error; ink leakage while printing banknotes is also one of the printing errors experienced by its customers in the banknote market.

Dream of getting rich overnight using

Example of a printing error


The printed portion of each sheet contains a border or frame; In this way, there is a certain distance between this box and the edge of various banknotes; Any discrepancy between this box and the edge of the banknote is considered a defect in the box and is called a box fault.

the end of the letter

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