What is “Python”? Users react to the Python network!

A few days ago, the President had a meeting with the top 1% scientists in the world. One of the guests, in a strange and unfounded statement, described the President’s Python programming language as a global network that predicts cancer, charts the future of the region, and even stops inflation! These words made the video of this serious meeting a source of entertainment for people and became one of the most visited videos in the virtual space.

Isnables: The president’s meeting with “the world’s top 1% of scientists,” as the name suggests, was a serious meeting attended by the country’s first executive and selected members of the country’s elite and academic community, so that they could offer solutions to the country’s situation on the president’s ears. But the video of the strange statements is One of the invitees to the name Dawood Al-Damiri Janji In front of the president, the video of a part of this meeting has become a source of entertainment for many social network users, and the hashtag “Python” has become hot.
In this video, Daoud Domiri Janji, a professor at Noshirvani University in Babol and one of the world’s top 1% scientists, says, “My proposal is with a universal program called Python. Python does different things, it revolutionizes the field of medicine, and predicts four years ago what is The type of cancer you are actually suffering from. We have such a problem in the field of politics, Mr. President. Why? Because we do not have the future to predict it. We do not know what will happen in the future countries in the region. But we can do that with global Python networks. In the military field we can. In Economic fields, we can. We can work on the growth of inflation that Hazrat Agha said. How can we sharpen the neural network or the artificial intelligence that is in our body, which part of our body will completely manifest itself in other places. We have to connect this group somehow.”

Daoud Damiri Janji, whose history includes teaching mechanics at Babol University of Technology and chair of the National Elite Foundation in Mazandaran Province, describes a simple programming language as a global cancer-predicting network. It is useful for politics. It is used in the military and economic sphere and finally presents it as artificial intelligence. It is not a simple artificial intelligence, but something that can predict the future and provide solutions to it!

Making such statements in the position of a professor with a high academic degree, in the presence of the country’s highest executive officer and the rest of the cabinet ministers, must have been a matter of great concern. Especially since the former has provided various and multiple examples of scientific and technological lies at the highest level in the country and subsequently offended the official authorities of the country.

What is the Python language and what is it used for?

Python is a general-purpose programming language that is relatively easy to learn compared to other programming languages. Its use is not limited to developing a specific type of program, and it can be used for any task, from “data analysis” (data analysis) to making computer games. Also, Python is very popular among the scientific community because, in addition to being one of the easiest programming languages ​​to learn, it can be used to calculate complex equations and analyze data, and is used in many academic disciplines.

Increased searches for the word “Python” after Domery’s remarks!

Research shows that prior to Al-Damiry’s statements, keyword research was in order “Python” It was done by those interested in programming languages ​​and computer science, but after the video of Domery’s comments spread on social networks and various sites, on Wednesday, April 23, the keyword appeared “Python” Compared to highly searched keywords such as “Veil”, “President” and “Government” significantly increased. phrase What is the Python language? It also experienced 100% growth in searches and after that, searches for phrases “Python Network” which was an intangible expression before it increased by 33%.

"Python" What is it?  / iranian users from "Python" What did they say

"Python" What is it?  / iranian users from "Python" What did they say

What was the reaction of social media users to Daoud Al-Damiry’s statement?

Many users on social networks made Bayan Al-Damiri a joke and wrote:Does this snake baby sleep?or they wrote itWe don’t have Python.. I had to wash the dishes myself»

Some other users also compared Damiri to the late Maryam Mirzakhani, the eminent mathematician of our country, writing that “Today, tonight, and after the Python incident, I am constantly thinking of Maryam Mirzakhani. A young scientist who reached the pinnacle of mathematical knowledge with his intelligence and effort became a source of honor and appreciation for us Iranians. Now compare her to the Ph.D.s and classmates who are a source of shame.»

Some other users also wrote by searching for Daoud Al-Damiry’s name in scientific research products classification databases, that Al-Damiry has an index. h index 120 and more than 54 thousand times have been referred to his articles. The H-index is a numeric measure that shows how effective the researcher is.

"Python" What is it?  / iranian users from "Python" What did they say

One user wrote about Al-Damiri’s high academic rank, “What is strange to me is that an academic with such a high scientific rank who works on nonlinear dynamics is ignorant of knowing the main programming language in his field?! Perhaps it is necessary to change the general policy of scientific ranking at the global level!»

Some other users have also pointed out that some professors in the name of academics do not have much scholarly activity themselves and become famous and gain scholarly rank by using student produced articles and dissertations.

One user wrote about this “The people present at this meeting have been introduced as scholars because of their large number of articles. I wish these scholars at this meeting were asked to name 10 of the hundreds of articles written in their name last year!”

Another user also wrote in this thread “Daoud Al-Damiry is a master’s treasure and should be respected, but how can you get 1082 articles but don’t know where Python has helped you in your work?” Those who have been to university know that this pain has been in our universities for years, thirsting for inclusion in articles and professors whose names appear in all papers! You have the most citations, so you are the most literate! “

Another user pointed out that Al-Dumiri achieved a very high rank in terms of the number of scientific articles, and compared him to the late Maryam Mirzakhani and wrote, “If Mirzakhani was from Iran, he could not be recognized in Iranian universities because the number of his articles was insignificant. That is, he did not even have a single essay when he received his Ph. D.»

One user, who posted a picture of a page from the Work and Technology book for the seventh grade of secondary education, was surprised by Domery’s contradictory statements about Python and wrote, “The interesting thing is that Python-based programming education has been included in textbooks since the seventh grade.»

"Python" What is it?  / iranian users from "Python" What did they say

Some other users also wrote that Domery’s phrasing in his statements to the president was strange and sometimes his sentences were unrelated to each other, but they pointed out the extent to which Python is used in different sciences and wrote:He didn’t say anything wrong and you really can do anything weird with Python!»

Karbari noted that the title of “the world’s outstanding 1 percent scientists” was not correct for this presidential meeting, and that the correct term for this gathering is “scholars full of citations.” wrote about it The exact phrase is “highly mentioned scholars” which is incorrectly translated as “one percent of the world’s best scholars” in Iran. The researcher (the author of the article) is not necessarily a scientist, nor does “highly cited” necessarily equal “best in the world.” It is simply an indicator of scientific standards that has spread in Iran.”

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