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A proposal to increase ticket sales for the Fajr Festival films and not to remove the popular Simurgh

A film director believes: if there is more information about films and their content and if there is a requirement that the public vote not be removed, then the sale of tickets to the festival will also increase.

Saeed Khani, director of the “Saba Mall” cinema, in an interview with journalists, pointing out that during this period of the festival a hall with a capacity of about 480 people was allocated for showing films, and he said: Progress The sale of festival tickets can begin with showing films in public cinemas, and it is preferred If the status of the ad has changed. For us, if the festival is economically full, we will increase the number of halls.

Noting that tickets for some films were sold out last year very early in the festival, he added: In my opinion, what can be attractive to the audience is the content and the presence of filmmakers in the first place, which has an impact on the sale of films, and in this background: perhaps if they were granted Some films permit production more easily, others could have made their way to the festival.

And he continued: After the turmoil of the past few months, the films that appeared on cinema screens in the past two or three weeks gradually increased the reception of the cinema audience, and this indicates that showing films that attract the audience can have an impact on sales. The same applies to the festival, especially since the audience needs to be entertained and a group of film lovers only watch films at the festival and do not go to the cinema during the year. Therefore, to attract this audience, it is important to provide information, but when the pre-sale of festival tickets is announced and the information of the films is not fully presented and the audience does not get good information, the result is low sales of the films in the early days of the pre-sale.

Khani stressed: But in this festival, we hope that there will be good and attractive films, but better publicity and information must be made, and under these conditions we can have a higher occupancy rate in cinemas.

In the end, he said: There is another important point, which is the removal of the audience award, which should not be deleted in a way that the audience feels that the festival is not important to them. It is said that due to the late arrival of films, the conditions for public voting cannot be determined, this is not an acceptable reason, and it is better to consider a time frame for all films, for example, in the last five days of the festival than to remove the award that belongs to the people for the second year However, it can This award has the effect of attracting the audience.

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