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No less Picasso painting; Say “Antique Doesn’t Hurt”!

“Death of the Clown Guitarist”; This work is by the famous painter Picasso and is preserved in the treasury of the National Museum of Iran. When this painting was chosen for public display among thousands of other works, speculation about its authenticity made it a museum seat. In this regard, some art experts say that this painting is worthless with their recent reviews about the authenticity of this work!

According to the Informant’s Visual Field reporter, debating the authenticity of artwork has always been one of the most challenging issues for experts. But important spaces such as museums dedicated to displaying art and historical works must carefully comment on their authenticity or not, regardless of the challenges this issue creates.

Picasso’s Death of the Guitarist Clown is no different from this general rule. In this regard, and after rumors about the validity of this work, and regardless of the media attack, the experts reached new results by visiting this work.

Bahram Kalharnia, an artist and expert, visited this artwork and shared his findings on it. The results show that this work of Picasso, which is preserved in the National Museum of Iran, is an offset print: “This work is considered a type of print on canvas, in other words, he prepared the canvas in a special way and this work printed with offset presses. For example, you can visit a museum The Louvre is in Rome and you may see a picture from the Golden Age and want to have it in your office or home.The Louvre has a print of the original and sells a copy for a price.The back figure, but these examples have no artistic value.

Don't say Picasso's painting.

Bahram Kalhernia, artist and art expert

Referring to developments in art printing, he says: Sometimes a work of art needs social dissemination, for example, we want to print a book of Picasso’s works and print his picture for the book; We may have 10,000 book circulations. Nowadays, due to progress, examples of artworks are readily available to the public and art lovers, but sometimes some works are published in limited editions, such as lithographs or etchings.

Kalhernia adds: Using various techniques, a design model can be implemented and then reproduced with different devices up to 300 copies; But depending on the printing regulations, no further printing of this work could be made, in such circumstances. The print master writes the printout number on the back of the work and signs everything, and if there is a handwritten explanation with the original title of the work, there are examples of printed works in different museums such as the Netherlands and Istanbul museums. We have booklets that are kept in a special way, but the subject of offset printing is different.

Why the Death of the Clown Guitarist was printed, this art expert says: “The museum’s specimen-maker made an offset print to socialize this work, preserving the characteristics of the original. She continued. The firm that printed this work in Florence reproduced it in various sizes , not even Picasso’s original size.The symbols related to this organization are printed separately on the edge of the canvas.

Regarding the value of this work, he calls it a useless artifact and continues: Today, offset printing and printing technologies are fully developed, and the work has no value in terms of printing and preservation. It turned out that this painting was handed over to the museum among the confiscated properties, and there are many pieces in the museum that were taken by smugglers or thugs or loaned to the museum by the judge to determine its purpose, and unfortunately many artifacts are in the museum. They are worthless things. And because it was brought to the museum, it has no museum value.”

For example, this artist says: In one of these warehouses that I visited two weeks ago, I saw a large amount of fakes by historical smugglers to sell to collectors. He worked to ensure the authenticity of the work. Unfortunately, an error occurred in this work. The word digital printing was used, Which caused a misunderstanding in the news space.

Calhorna also asserts that this work is not a painting. “For a painting, the canvas is first prepared and the artist creates a design that comes to fruition with pen and paint. The work is an invaluable antique print. I joked with my friends at the time, ‘Let’s throw it in the trash.’”

And he adds: Given the developments in the printing industry, this work is no longer valuable, and printing technology has advanced to such an extent that one can get the original copy and put it on the wall and be proud to have a clear example. The work has no value, and if the museum has space and does not want to keep it as a memorial, it belongs to the museum, it is not qualified. The fund must be handled according to administrative rules and this is a difficult task, and I suggested to my friend that this work was not worthy of being kept in a museum.

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